Long time no see

Ciao a tutti!Kyriakos here, the Greek volunteer! Lots of things happened and many situations occurred. Impossible, preposterous, sensible, reasonable, already confusing, delicate, special, miserable and shameful, disquieting and frightening, happy, unhappy, slightly touchy, very touchy, no-win, fruitful, profitable, hopeless, hopeful, dull, entire precarious, portentous and incalculable, hard and the list goes on and on. To … Leggi tutto Long time no see


Ciao! Τι κάνετε και πώς είστε; (How are you doing and how are you? :P) I am Kyriakos and I am the new Greek volunteer in SE.M.I. through ESC. I am arriving in Faenza on Saturday but my volunteering started a month ago with the ever-helpful internet and the ever-evolving technologies. My arrival in Faenza … Leggi tutto UN PRIMO SALUTO

ESC short term volunteering project “GROWTH” in Estonia!

Call for ESC  🇮🇹 one Italian volunteer! Would like to work with children? Get to know new culture and challenge yourself? - Then this project is perfect for You! Topic: working with kids in nursery. Helping teachers prepare materials, accompany kids to mini trips, looks after kids and organize creative activities! Place: Tallinn, Estonia Date: … Leggi tutto ESC short term volunteering project “GROWTH” in Estonia!