Un 2022 di progetti europei per i giovani

Un 2022 di progetti europei per i giovani Nella Romagna Faentina, con l’Associazione SE.M.I. Il 2022 è l’anno Europeo della Gioventù, “incentrato sul ripristino di prospettive positive per i giovani europei che hanno subito conseguenze negative dall'impatto della pandemia di COVID-19 [Comunicato stampa del Parlamento Europeo: Anno europeo della gioventù 2022: sostenere i giovani]”. L’Associazione … Leggi tutto Un 2022 di progetti europei per i giovani

‘Welcome to the New Age! Stress, Resilience and Art of planning’ Training Course

This October (17-24/11/2021) took place in Budapest, Hungary the Training Course 'Welcome to the New Age: Stress, Resilience and Art of Planning' organized and hosted by Youth Bridges Association. The main objectives of the project were: Help participants to understand and make them aware of their own current copingmechanism in case of unforeseen situations, get … Leggi tutto ‘Welcome to the New Age! Stress, Resilience and Art of planning’ Training Course

Call for Volunteers in Estonia

Are you ready to have the Intercultural experience that you were looking for? Noored Ühiskonna Heaks is coordinating a European Solidarity Corps volunteering project, and we are lookingfor 12 volunteers to youth centers, kindergartens, and disability centers around Estonia. Candidates must be aged 18-30 from European Programme countries of Erasmus+ and Eastern Europe &Caucasus countries … Leggi tutto Call for Volunteers in Estonia

CALL for Participants ‘Euroweek Poland’

Are you an active young person? Would you like to have a short term or long term experience abroad? Here is an amazing opportunity! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kwyy4rVDvFc&t=5s Some of the benefits to the applicants are: Pocket money 720PLN per month Accommodation Local transportation Documentation Assistance How to apply: Contact the association through euroweekyouthleader@gmail.com https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h7L7_qSUnaY

Long time no see

Ciao a tutti!Kyriakos here, the Greek volunteer! Lots of things happened and many situations occurred. Impossible, preposterous, sensible, reasonable, already confusing, delicate, special, miserable and shameful, disquieting and frightening, happy, unhappy, slightly touchy, very touchy, no-win, fruitful, profitable, hopeless, hopeful, dull, entire precarious, portentous and incalculable, hard and the list goes on and on. To … Leggi tutto Long time no see

Ultimo mese

Ciao! Come state? Come sta procedendo la vostra estate? La mia estate greca sta procedendo per il meglio, nonostante le altissime temperature, e non riesco ancora a credere che tra meno di un mese la mia esperienza in Grecia finirà.  Come vi avevo anticipato la scorsa volta, tornata dal viaggio ad Atene e Milos ho … Leggi tutto Ultimo mese

Call for ESC volunteers (EU countries)!

INFOPACKDownload We are looking for 2 volunteers (from EU countries) for 12 months volunteering in Faenza (Italy), with our organization: SE.M.I. - Seeds For More Interculture. You can get specific information from the infopack attached. Working hours: about 30 per week, Monday to Friday Holidays: weekends + bank holidays + 24 days/year Accommodation: shared double … Leggi tutto Call for ESC volunteers (EU countries)!