Cerchiamo volontari/e italiani/e per progetti in Olanda!

Ciao giovani! Cerchiamo volontari da inviare in Olanda per circa 9 mesi, presso un’associazione partner.

Tutto è pagato dall’Unione Europea: viaggio, assicurazione sanitaria, alloggio, pocket money mensile.

L’associazione SE.M.I. vi aiuterà a preparare il CV e lettera di presentazione, colloquio su Skype e vi assisterà in tutte le fasi del progetto, dall’acquisto del biglietto aereo!

Se interessati, scrivere a info@associazionesemifaenza.com inviando cv e lettera di motivazione in inglese.

Progetto 1: Rotterdam


Volunteers are requested to do promotional activities to increase the visibility of EVS. It is one of the obligated activities of EVS and Erasmus+. The basic promotional activities consist of taking pictures of the projects in which volunteers are involved and updating the Facebook, Instagram page and Lava Legato website. In addition, the volunteers will be requested to employ various media, so as to improve their communication skills and bring their experience of the project to others online. Videos, collages, interviews, blogs, etc. will thus be an essential part of the volunteers’ promotional activities. Note that original and innovative forms of communication are strongly encouraged by Lava Legato. Please be aware of that all volunteers need to promote their activities online, but one or two volunteer will be more involved in this activity (for 2-4 hours per week as part of their working schedule).


Lava Legato is involved in different activities that require administrative and organizational activities. Volunteers are for instance involved in:

  1. Sending the working schedule to all partners on a weekly basis;

  2. Doing simple administrative tasks for the Rotterdamsche confituur;

  3. Writing news items for Facebook and the website;

  4. Correspondence with volunteers who are interested in participating in EVS;

  5. Promotional activities for Erasmus+ and EVS.


Together with students and local volunteers the EVS volunteers make fruit preserve. The students are from special education and have difficulties following regular courses of education. The fruit preserve is sold in local touristic attractions. The activities consist of: cutting the fruit, preparing the fruit preserve, packing the fruit preserve, (occassionaly) sell the fruit preserve, cleaning the kitchen and washing the dishes/cleaning up after the fruit preserve is made. Bear in mind that students are not always present when the confiture is being made.

When the Rotterdamsche confituur is made, it needs to be delivered. We have a car that volunteers can use to do the deliveries and we also have a transport bicycle that can be used for this purpose.


provides supervision for pupils that stay over during the lunch break. There are 200 pupils that need to be supervised during their lunch break. It is a very varied group of pupils aged 4 to 11 years old, from various different cultural backgrounds in the Feijenoord district. The volunteer will be active in supervising the children, assisting with the lunch and playing with the children.


organises activities for children after school. The children take part in a wide variety of activities. The volunteers is working together with Dutch volunteers and professionals. The volunteer’s role is supporting and assisting the children in their play activities.


Monteiro Gym is boxing school where children and adults work out and train. Volunteers are involved in supporting classes for the younger children.


Arosa is an organisation that provides support for people who suffer domestic violence and cannot live at home anymore. The organisation provides shelter for mostly women and children. Volunteers support by helping out when dinner is served or with play and leisure activities for the children. We work for Arosa on different locations.


Middin is a big organisation that supports a wide variety of people with limitations (both physically and mentally). They organise activities, they provide houses where people that are in need of support live and they organise volunteer work for their clients. Our volunteers work there to support work activities. The support can also be related to one to one support (for instance with cooking).


An urban garden where vegetables and herbs are grown. You work together with local volunteers. The work is related to garden activities and growing herbs and vegetables and canteen activities. NOTE: For this project you need to apply at the organization Rotterdamse munt!


The Buitenhof is a biodynamic farm that support people with limitations. Volunteers work there to support typical farming activities. Please note that De Buytenhof is a farm and is located (city of Rhoon) on the outskirt of Rotterdam.


This is the location Disselstraat where two volunteers actualy live and participate in the activities with the Freehouse organization and neighbourhood volunteers. Also activities supported by social housing company Havensteder to improve the social cohession in the area. There is a community garden and several other activities that are in a start up fase around the new year. Here it is also possible to start your own initiative/social project in cooperation with Freehouse.


NIFFO is an art gallery that works with drop outs and people with a distance to the labor market, as well as students and children from the Afrikaander district. NIFFO organizes exhibitions, events and workshops for the local youth, local residents and artists.

Volunteers support NIFFO with cleaning and serve as extra hands when activities are organized.

Additional projects organised by Lava Legato
Lava Legato is also searching for new forms of collaboration. This means that new activities can be part of your working schedule as volunteer that are not mentioned in this document. We search for collaborations with all types of non-profit organisations and also with profit organisations that serve a social purpose.

We work with organisations that focus on children, elderly people, young people from special education, people with limitations, animals and organisations that focus on social cohesion of the neighbourhood. We always try to take into account your personal preferences and your interests when making your working schedule. It however is important to keep the following in mind. Since we work with a wide variety of organisations and activities in order to give you a clear view and understanding of the social activities that take place activities in Rotterdam, it might be the case that you need to do activities on certain days that don’t have your preference. Please bear in mind that this is a main characteristic of the project.

Progetto 2: Orfanotrofio

E’ il progetto che ha fatto anche Boba, tornato a Dicembre 

Practical arrangements

  • Food and Accommodation

The volunteer will get money every month to buy food (€170,-). At least one meal a day is at work (Monday-Thursday). The volunteer will live in a own private room part of a house provided by the the Kleine Koning.

  • Working hours & time off

The working hours are 8 hours a day for 4 days a week, Monday to Thursday.

In addition to the two days off per week the volunteer is entitled to 2 days holiday per month of service. When taking free days, the volunteer has to inform the Kleine Koning staff as soon as possible, at least two weeks in advance.

  • Local Transport

A bike will be provided for personal use In case the bicycle needs repairment, the volunteer is responsible for organising this. Costs, up to a reasonable amount are reimbursed. The volunteer needs to inform the coordinating in case costs for repair of the bicycle need to be made. This needs to be done, before the repairments take place.

  • Volunteer pocket money

The volunteer will receive a monthly allowance (€110,-) at the beginning of each month. This is provided by the mentor from the coordinating organization.

  • Certificate of good conduct

The volunteers needs to provide Certifiate of good conduct, a document that can usually be obtained at the city council of the place where the volunteer lives in his/her home country.

Tasks & Learning outcomes

  • Tasks of the volunteer

All activities take place inside and around the house. The activities can be divided into two sections. The first section are activities which take care of the house, the garden and the meals.The second section contains activities that are related to the free time of the children.

The activities occurring on a daily basis acquiring support from our volunteers are:
– helping the children to keep their room tidy/ assist in cleaning the house.
– setting up the table for dinner with some of the children.
– walking to the town for groceries.

– helping with cooking activities.
– helping the children do their homework.

Progetto 3: Fattoria Biologica

Practical arrangements

  • Food and Accommodation

The volunteer will get cash money at the beginning of every month to buy food (€190,-). The volunteer is able to purchase a meal at the farm for € 3,50 per meal. The volunteer will live in a small house closeby the farm.

  • Working hours & time off

The working hours are 8 hours a day for 4 days a week, Monday to Thursday.

In addition to the three days off per week the volunteer is entitled to 2 days holiday per month of service. They may ‘save this up’ and use it all at the end or throughout their service. They will need to give their project as much notice as possible when they plan to take time off, but at least two weeks.

  • Local Transport

A bike will be provided to get to work. In case the bicycle needs repairment, the volunteer is responsible for organising this. Costs, up to a reasonable amount are reimbursed. The volunteer needs to inform the coordinating in case costs for repair of the bicycle need to be made BEFORE the repairments takes place.

  • Volunteer pocket money

The volunteer will receive a monthly allowance (€110,-) cash at the beginning of each month.

Tasks & Learning outcomes

Tasks of the volunteer:

The main activities focus on

-farm (dairy cattle and agriculture)

-the vegetable garden

-the green house, dairy production (cheese, butter, yoghurt, curd)

-the ornamental garden (yard maintenance, forestry, floriculture)

-sales activities of the various products to different shops.

Be aware that working outside is a main characteristic of the work

Boba alla formazione intermedia – SVE in Olanda

Boba (aka Bouabid Daniane) ci manda delle foto dall’Olanda, dove sta facendo 9 mesi di Servizio Volontario Europeo inviato da SE.M.I.

“Settimana scorsa ho avuto l’ultimo training” mi scrive. “E’ stato super figo!” e mi manda una serie di foto.

Beh, in effetti pare proprio super figo! Grande Boba!

Se vuoi partire, per un periodo più o meno lungo, contattaci a info@associazionesemifaenza.com

Stiamo ancora cercando 3 partecipanti italiani per lo scambio We are all Equal In Creativity che si terrà a Faenza dal 1 al 9 settembre 2017.

Olanda, Bicicletta, Volontariato Europeo

Boba (aka Bouabid Daniane) ci manda qualche foto dall’Olanda, dove sta facendo 9 mesi di Servizio Volontario Europeo presso un’associazione che si occupa di bambini e ragazzi in difficoltà.

Qui a SEMI facciamo il tifo! 😉


Vuoi partire anche tu? Stiamo cercando un* volontari* per il progetto ‘Architects of Change’!

7 mesi per lavorare con bambini e ragazzi a Focsani, il capoluogo della regione Vrancea in Romania.

Il progetto prevede 4 volontari SVE (da Spagna, Italy, Turchia e Armenia).
Si lavorano 25 ore a settimana, con 2 giorni liberi a settimana + 2 giorni di ferie al mese. I biglietti di andata e ritorno vengono rimborsati, casa e bollette sono pagate, il volontario riceve soldi per il cibo + €60 al mese per le piccole spese.
Per candidarsi: mandare CV e Lettera di motivazione (in Inglese) in risposta a questa email.
Se conoscete qualcuno di interessato passate la voce!
Maggiori informazioni nell’Infopack: Infopack EVS Architects of Change

SVE in Olanda – cerchiamo urgentemente un* volontari*!

Ciao a tutti!

La nostra associazione partner olandese cerca urgentemente una volontaria o un volontario per un progetto SVE di 9 mesi, già approvato, in una fattoria biologica.
Si parte il 1 giugno 2017 e si torna il 28 febbraio 2018.
Vi ricordiamo che lo SVE è completamente gratuito per il volontario: i biglietti di andata e ritorno vengono comprati da noi, l’alloggio, il cibo e un pocket money mensile offerti dall’Unione Europea.
Non ci sono requisiti: solo avere tra i 18 e i 30 anni e avere voglia di mettersi in gioco!
Per questo progetto si lavorano 4 giorni a settimana in fattoria: giardinaggio, latticini, agricoltura biologica.
Si alloggia assieme a un altr* volontari*, in una stanza singola, in una casa a 5 minuti a piedi dalla fattoria e vicino a una cittadina grande circa quanto Faenza (50.000 abitanti).
Cerchiamo una persona interessata al biologico e all’agricoltura biodinamica, oltre ovviamente al desiderio di imparare l’inglese e fare una stupenda esperienza all’estero.
Se siete interessati scrivete a info@associazionesemifaenza.com , possiamo lavorare insieme al curriculum e alla lettera di motivazione in inglese, saremo presenti al colloquio su Skype e faremo qualche bella chiacchierata pre-partenza, oltre ovviamente a offrire supporto per tutta la durate del progetto.
Non potete andare? Conoscete qualcuno a cui possa interessare? Inoltrategli questa email! 😉

L’associazione: https://europa.eu/youth/volunteering/organisation/941840416_en

Non siete ancora convinti? Qui un bel video che spiega perché è bene uscire dalla propria zona di comfort!

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