Destinazioni Ideali per il 2020

Ciao a tutti per ancora una volta,

and continuing with English as usual. So, I am Danai from Greece currently based in Faenza, doing my EVS and trying to figure out what life is going to bring me this new year. I ran out of themes to write -usually I am writing about my life and my experiences, but these past weeks I haven’t done something new and exciting- and I decided to write where I will go this year and where I am hoping to go.


Belgium, Brussels

My first trip for 2020 will be in Belgium and it will be soon. I am planing to go to Brussels this weekend, from Saturday 8th of February until Monday 10th of February. It is actually not ideal. One month ago I was searching a cheap destination to go with a friend that comes to visit me. At first, we wanted to go to Paris, but the tickets for a weekend were really expensive. After, we said to go to Berlin, but again the tickets were expensive and my EVS pocket money can’t afford them. Third option was London, but my friend had already been there and she wanted something new. So finally, we decided to go to Brussels. Everybody was like ”What there is to see in Brussels?” or ”It is not worth it!” but it doesn’t bother me. I’m going on a trip, I’m in trip mode and after all we have always to believe in the mainstream motto ”It doesn’t matter the destination, but the trip”. I’m 100% ready to survive with waffles and french fries for 2 days and to see all the nice places there.


Spain, Malaga & Granada

OK, this is most certainly ideal! I’m pretty sure that I talked to you a lot about the pros and the cons of my ESC experience and in general of this European opportunity for young people. So, my organization except of writing European mobility projects and a lot of other activities, is accompanying schools to trips abroad. In this way, I’m going in Malaga and Granada this March. My role there isn’t going to be responsible for the kids of course, but to help the teachers to communicate – the majority of them aren’t speaking in English-. From the first announcement of this trip I was absolutely excited and I’m looking forward to visit the beautiful Andalusia for another time. I was there a year ago, in Cordoba and Seville, but I didn’t have the time to visit Malaga and Granada. I really can’t wait!


Germany, Berlin

Another ideal destination is Berlin. I always wanted to travel in Berlin, is a capital full of history, so beautiful and with one of the most famous and amazing nightlife. I remember that the first time I started think about a travel to Germany was 3 years ago when I did my first visit to Prague. I said at that point with my friends that we have to go, but as usual we never did. This year I decided to visit Berlin even without my friends. I am planing to use a weekend in this summer to move a little bit northern and visit this beautiful capital.


Italy, Cinque Terre

And I’m moving back to the country that I am currently living. I surely want to visit the whole Europe, but also as long I’m staying in Italy, I will try to go to as many places as I can. Cinque Terre, is a part of Liguria and it’s one of the most popular summer destinations not only in Italy, but for the whole Europe. The colorful small houses up on the hills and the breathtaking sea view from above it makes this place irresistible. I am planing to do there at the end of April or early May and I’m hoping that the touristic period will start after this months, so I can find some peace and quiet in this wonderful environment.


Portugal, Lisbon

This is a destination that I MUST visit this year. I planned a trip two years ago, but it got canceled and until this day I’ m frustrated for that. This year, I hope the things will be better and I will have the chance to travel to Lisbon. I’ m dreaming to move around to this full of colors capital and use the most beautiful tram of the whole Europe to transfer. I also have a friend that lives in Galicia -an autonomous country of Spain, near to Portugal- and we can make this trip together.

That’s it for now, folks… I don’t want to continue writing destinations because: 1) I don’t have that much money to move around Italy and Europe and 2) if I start I will never stop -don’t even let me started with my ideal destinations in Asia-.

Until the next time…

Danai, Greece

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Europe makers: Facilitating Youth

*foto: Elisa e Andrea, alla stazione degli autobus, aspettando i partecipanti dello youth exchange ThinkerINg


Siamo arrivate a Lisbona il 15 Marzo e ripartite il 15 Aprile, dopo 1 mese di Job Shadowing (affiancamento lavorativo) con Check-IN, associazione Portoghese esperta di mobilità giovanile educazione non formale e progetti internazionali.

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Ci siamo messe in gioco, abbiamo imparato e condiviso competenze, ci siamo emozionate, abbiamo trovato nuovi amici e nuovi partner internazionali, abbiamo imparato i rudimenti del linguaggio internazionale dei segni, abbiamo visto la piccola e bella Beja, abbiamo scoperto un nuovo modo di gestire uno youth exchange, siamo cresciute, siamo cambiate e ora siamo pronte per nuove mirabolanti avventure!!

Grazie Check-IN team!!

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#Jobshadowing #Erasmus+ #KA1


JOBSHADOWING: Europe makers – Facilitating Youth


Andrea and I, of the association SE.M.I. in Italy, are in the middle of our Jobshadowing project in Check-In (Portugal).

We wish to share the application of the project, as well as our knowledge of this KA1 project within the Erasmus+ program.

Jobshadowing is an amazing opportunity for improvement for youth workers: it is a small project, with a small budget. More or less, the EU gives €1.000 grant per participant (which includes rent, food, everything). The project can last just a few weeks or 2 months and the goal is to learn how other associations work.

SE.M.I., for example, is a small and new Italian association, so we decided to apply for Jobshadowing in Chack-IN, which operates in the field of youth mobility since 2010.

Now, after 2 weeks of this project, we believe that it was a great choice. We had the chance to help Check-IN with the implementation of #ThinkerINg youth exchange, some local activities and we are now going to learn about the management of EVS projects and to write a youth exchange together.

What else? We now have not only one more reliable partner (Check-IN of course), but other partners from Estonia, Cyprus, Poland, Hungary as they participated in the youth exchange as partners!

If you are a youth worker and wish to improve you skills, or if you are part of a new association and wish to gain some experience and experienced partner… do jobshadowing!

It is the same application used for youth exchages, only difference is you have to select Mobility of youth workers instead of youngsters 😉

Best wishes, and good Jobshadowing to all!

Italiani, Portoghesi, Studenti, Professori

Sono arrivati a Lisbona il 19 e tornati in Italia il 23 marzo, i 42 studenti dell’Istituto Oriani di Faenza che hanno partecipato alla gita di Alternanza organizzata dalle Associazioni SE.M.I. (Faenza), Progetto Policoro (Faenza) e Check-IN (Lisbona).

Durante la gita, divisi in gruppi, i ragazzi hanno preparato eventi di raccolta fondi utilizzando il business model canvas, le loro conoscenze di social media marketing e di grafica. Hanno scoperto cosa significhi lavorare in team, come risolvere i problemi in modo collaborativo e come presentare un progetto in inglese.

Hanno imparato a muoversi in una grande città straniera, migliorato il livello di inglese, scoperto la cultura Portoghese e stretto nuove amicizie con gli studenti della scuola Manuel de Maia.

Avere unito la gita scolastica annuale all’alternanza scuola-lavoro in ambito interculturale ed Europeo ha permesso agli studenti di vivere un’esperienza formativa che è andata oltre al semplice turismo e ha permesso loro di prendere contatto con delle realtà culturali e sociali diverse, di scoprire le proprie passioni ed esplorare nuove vocazioni lavorative.

Il binomio servizio-apprendimento caratterizza i principi di educazione non formale promossi dall’Unione Europea, e la metodologia dell’imparare-facendo continua a dimostrare la sua efficacia.

Nel contesto europeo, il cui punto di forza è costituito dall’unione delle diversità (United in Diversity), il lavoro all’estero offre una possibilità di formazione e crescita personale che si concentra sul social learning. Contestualmente, l’alternanza scuola-lavoro vuole essere un’esperienza formativa innovativa che possa orientare in modo pratico le aspirazioni degli studenti, “perché l’unica risposta strutturale alla disoccupazione è una scuola collegata con il mondo del lavoro (Legge Buona Scuola)”.

L’associazione SE.M.I., in collaborazione con l’Istituto Oriani, Progetto Policoro e Check-IN, è fiera di aver portato a termine questo progetto, che ha richiesto un anno di preparazione completamente ripagato dai risultati ottenuti. Ancora una volta siamo rimasti increduli ed entusiasti dell’entusiasmo mostrato dai ragazzi, e torniamo a ribadire che multiculturalità e creatività, empatia e cura per l’altro, sono valori necessari a un’Europa migliore.