M.E.I Music Festival in Faenza

Hello my lucky readers,

I can’t believe that I am already a week in Faenza, the time passes by really quick here…

I am currently working in the S.E.MI organization as a volunteer and every day I feel really lucky for this opportunity that the European Union has given to me. We have different activities, creative office hours and italian lessons so we will can interact with the local community really soon. In this way, the days of the week are full of new things to do and learn untill the weekend comes and it’s the proper time for… party!

I am from Greece -as you already know my little readers- and one of the things that we know to do best, is party! I finished work at Friday afternoon and I was ready to go home, eat and then going out to discover the nightlife of Faenza. The thing that I didn’t expected was the music that was played in all the city center.

What was that?

After a quick walk in the center of the town I realized that there was a music festival for independet and alternative artists, M.E.I Music Festival. The setting was perfect! There was like 4 or 5 different stages with all kinds of music and for all the ages. At the main square, Piazza del popolo, anyone could find a book market that also had second hand books – perfect things for me given that I am trying to learn italian so I could use an old book for practice- and they had a market with handmade clothes and accessories, too. The demons of consumerism inside me went like crazy and I think I lost a little bit in this small makret, I TOOK A LOT OF THINGS!

The next day, Saturday, the setting was the same but the musicians kept changing and offered all kinds of music to listen, dance and forget the stress from the week that passed. The streets of Faenza was full of people and the city was beautiful in every part of her, like she was wearing her best costume!

As it comes for me and my attitude this weekend, I tried to enjoy every little part of this festival. I am still pretty new in this town and I want to try all kinds of new staff, like tradition foods -PIZZA, PIZZA, PIZZA- and drinks. So, I did it, I ate a pizza, I drunk a spritz and I was happily dancing in the sounds of every band that we were meeting in the little streets of Faenza.

Untill the next time, Ciao…

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Ragazzi… ci siamo costituite!

Prima o poi dovevamo confessare, certe cose non le puoi tenere dentro troppo a lungo e quindi… abbiamo aperto un’associazione!

Non è stato un processo doloroso, e nemmeno lungo (grazie a Marzia e Denise di Per gli altri che ci hanno risolto tutte le questioni burocratiche). Ma forse è così che si fanno le cose a 30 anni: ci pensi, ti piace, lo fai.

Ci chiamiamo SE.M.I. (Seeds for More Interculture), siamo un’associazione di volontariato e vogliamo organizzare attività culturali e interculturali, creative e sociali, locali e internazionali.


Perché le nuove idee nascono dal confronto e dal dialogo, perché la diversità è una grande ricchezza.

Perché il linguaggio e gli idiomi non costituiscano una barriera ma uniscano persone e siano strumento di cooperazione.

Perché il dialogo interculturale e la cittadinanza europea sono centrali nella nostra società in divenire.



Domenica 2 Ottobre saremo in Piazza del Popolo a Faenza a girellare tra gli stand e presentare il nostro progetto!

Per saperne di più e/o collaborare: elisa.emiliani.86 @ gmail.com [presto avremo un’email ufficiale, promesso!]

stay tuned 😉