On the 12th of November I went for the first time to one of the cities that has attracted my attention since I was a child, Venice. This time I didn't go alone to discover a new city, I went with Almudena, a Spanish girl who lives in the same city as me. The day … Leggi tutto Venezia


We're looking for 6 volunteers (3 activities) in central northern Italy, February - October 2023.  Activity 1: Learning is Fun (study support center, afterschool, workshops in the schools) Activity 2: International Creativity (promoting European opportunities, social media management, local and international projects)  Activity 3: Youth International (support to the Youth Information center, social media, local … Leggi tutto CALL FOR VOLUNTEERS!


Two weeks ago I went to Turin for the first time to see the city and to meet up with some friends from Spain that I hadn't seen for a long time and who were going there for a Salesian event/pilgrimage. I went there by bus because it is the cheapest but also the slowest … Leggi tutto TORINO


Today I come with the recipe of the authentic paella, as I think it takes a class for any European and Spanish person because they call paella to anything that is rice with things. Ingredients: Bomba rice 1500 gChicken 1Rabbit 1Flat green beans 500 gGarrofó 500 gExtra virgin olive oilSweet paprikaCrushed tomatoSaffronFresh rosemarySalt How to … Leggi tutto THE REAL PAELLA