Ham and eggs

Ciao a tutti! / Sziasztok! So since my last blog Easter happened in Casa Europa (this is how our volunteer flat is called but we are thinking about changing it to Beach House) and it was all about food as usual. First we started with some Galician traditional meal a week before while our very … Leggi tutto Ham and eggs

An apple a day

Ciao a tutti! / Sziasztok! Keeps the doctor away - to continue the expression in the title. Although, there is no scientific evidence that eating an apple once per day would have a significant health benefit, but the zone as red as an apple (dabumts) does have an impact on the covid numbers apparently. Taking … Leggi tutto An apple a day

Peace of cake

Ciao a tutti! / Sziasztok! No it's not a typo I just like puns. Yes, THIS much. my mantra But I guess it is more like a play of words. I enjoy finding connections, a links between different things such as colours, shapes, materials and so on. I also use this in my daily life … Leggi tutto Peace of cake

2021-2022 Volunteering opportunity in Vilnius, Lithuania

Our Lithuanian partner, SALTES is a nongovernmental organisation founded by ex-EVS volunteers with a goal to strengthen and promote non-formal education and volunteering at national and international level. SALTES also seeks to provide young people (including those with fewer opportunities) an opportunity for self and professional development through active involvement in non-formal based activities. *UPDATED … Leggi tutto 2021-2022 Volunteering opportunity in Vilnius, Lithuania

Nuova energia

Kalimera, Come state? Com'è iniziato il vostro anno?È quasi più di un mese che non vi aggiorno sulla mia esperienza e che non mi faccio sentire. Ho un sacco di cose da raccontarvi e condividere con voi. Vi starete chiedendo se alla fine sono riuscita a prendere il volo per tornare nella mia amata Faenza … Leggi tutto Nuova energia