On the 12th of November I went for the first time to one of the cities that has attracted my attention since I was a child, Venice. This time I didn't go alone to discover a new city, I went with Almudena, a Spanish girl who lives in the same city as me. The day … Leggi tutto Venezia

‘Future in your hands’ a Youth Exchange in Slovenia

In the end of September, SE.M.I association sent young italian participants to join an amazing Erasmus+ opportunity in Domzale organized by the association 'Youth Center Domzale'. Coming back, they wrote their experience and outcomes to share them with other young people and their communities. ''From September 19th to 25th I spent a week in Dob, … Leggi tutto ‘Future in your hands’ a Youth Exchange in Slovenia


Two weeks ago I went to Turin for the first time to see the city and to meet up with some friends from Spain that I hadn't seen for a long time and who were going there for a Salesian event/pilgrimage. I went there by bus because it is the cheapest but also the slowest … Leggi tutto TORINO


Today I come with the recipe of the authentic paella, as I think it takes a class for any European and Spanish person because they call paella to anything that is rice with things. Ingredients: Bomba rice 1500 gChicken 1Rabbit 1Flat green beans 500 gGarrofó 500 gExtra virgin olive oilSweet paprikaCrushed tomatoSaffronFresh rosemarySalt How to … Leggi tutto THE REAL PAELLA