Enjoying the nature after Covid-19

Hello my beautiful readers,

Another week passed by and the everyday routine before Corona virus comes closer and closer to us. Regarding the ESC routine, we started our activities and adding more each week if it’s allowed but the part of travelling is still a bitter story, At this point, you’re allowed to transport away from your region, but still the fear of using the train is making me postpone my travels. That’s why I’m choosing local and go for little trips and adventures in the city or near by.

This week I decided to speak about the nature. The same nature that we all missed this spring and we’re like craaaazy every time that the weather was perfect and sunny but still we couldn’t go out and enjoyed it. So now that we can enjoy it, are we actually doing it?

To respond to my part- rhetorical question, I’m trying to visit the nature and enjoy it as much as possible. In any case, we have to consider also the general mood of ”I don’t want to do anything” that have followed the lock-down.

This week the weather was awesome -until today that it’s raining and the mood has transformed from ”sunny, joyful and spring” to ”grey, moody and autumn”. I took this chance of good weather to move around the city and a bit further. First I visited Parco Bucci one of my favorite parts in the city. After almost three months I was back there and it was amazing. The last time that I was there it was winter and the nature had a whole different palette of colors. Keeping in mind my last image of the park I can easily see the huge transformation that happens to the nature with the change of seasons. Another thing that I observed and enjoyed was the sound of the animals. Being used to the city sounds closed in my apartment, it made me so happy when I first heard the ducks and the other birds singing in almost total silence. It was magical.

My other small trip near by Faenza was in Rio Cozzi . It is a small outdoor area that people go to do outdoor sports riding your bicycle and climbing. I was the least sportive person there and took a long walk around the park with the big trees and the beautiful flowers blossoming in every corner.

Until the next time,

Danai, Greece

Laboratori didattici al tempo del Covid 19

Anche quest’anno Progetto Policoro Faenza e l’Associazione SE.M.I. – seeds for more interculture APS- hanno avviato il loro laboratorio di orientamento in uscita per le classi V degli istituti del territorio faentino. L’Istituto Oriani ha accolto la proposta formativa che ha avuto inizio, come di consueto, nelle aule della scuola a inizio febbraio.

La didattica si è svolta in modo laboratoriale, strutturando in ciascuna delle dieci classi V dell’Istituto un percorso di gruppo finalizzato ad aiutare gli studenti a riflettere sulle loro prospettive professionali o formative post diploma. Gli studenti si sono esercitati nella redazione di un proprio Curriculum Vitae efficace, hanno sperimentato la ricerca delle offerte di lavoro e approfondito lo studio delle tipologie contrattuali in cooperative learning. Mediante gioco di ruolo hanno simulato un colloquio di lavoro, mettendosi nei panni dei recruiter o dei possibili candidati, per porre in risalto le loro competenze e le loro qualità.

L’itinerario formativo è cambiato radicalmente nell’ultima settimana di febbraio.

La sospensione delle lezioni in aula per Covid 19 ha interrotto tutti i laboratori didattici attivi nelle scuole, mentre i docenti, che non si sono mai fermati, si riorganizzavano per la didattica online. Lo stesso è stato fatto dalle operatrici del progetto.

Grazie all’appoggio dei docenti promotori e della scuola, si è fatto tesoro del tempo di pausa per ripensare e rimodulare la proposta formativa e concludere il laboratorio in modalità “a distanza”. Sei delle classi incontrate a febbraio hanno ripreso l’analisi del mercato del lavoro attraverso gli incontri online con le operatrici del progetto. Si sono interrogati sui cambiamenti dovuti all’emergenza Covid 19 rispetto all’economia e all’occupazione; infine hanno e integrato la formazione con le indicazioni sulla selezione dei candidati in videocolloquio. Gli studenti interessati hanno poi svolto una esercitazione individuale allo scopo di simulare un percorso personale di ricerca e inserimento nel mondo del lavoro.

Ora che questa esperienza formativa si è conclusa, svelando nuove possibilità anche dove si intravedevano inaspettati ostacoli, le operatrici del progetto Debora e Ina vogliono ringraziare i docenti promotori, i professori Luca Bandini, Anna Maria Rava e Marco Piolanti, che hanno sostenuto la proposta con lungimiranza, credendo nelle finalità e nel suo valore formativo per gli studenti. Un grande ringraziamento va agli studenti stessi, che si sono messi in gioco anche in questa situazione difficile, che ha cambiato le loro prospettive ma non ha affievolito le loro speranze e il desiderio di essere protagonisti, liberi costruttori del futuro.

Quarantine Diaries: Second phase and EVS.

Hello again my beloved readers and I’m sorry for my disappearance. It’s been hard for everyone and hard for me too. After almost two months I can try eventually to be productive and active again…

We are happily moving to phase 2 of this lock down situation and the atmosphere here in Italy is certainly better. This week finally we can move easier around the city, drink our coffees, see our friends, go to the beauty salon-it’s a necessity- and try to enjoy the last days of spring until summer comes. In all of these activities of course we can add the use of face mask in everything we do from now on.

Let’s start from the begging and talk a bit about EVS in Faenza and the lock down. I wrote various articles in the past for the EVS experience and the amazing opportunity that I had, coming to Italy for a year. The true sense of EVS and all the similar European Union funded projects for young people is the chance to visit a new country for an amount of time and explore it. ”Travel” is the key word and I was ready to travel a lot this year. I did it also as much as I could before the lock down, but now everything stopped. Of course, life goes on and I will continue traveling if I’ll be patience and wait until the situation calms down. IN an case, the lost of these two months of my EVS experience is a bitter piece in my mind, all the travels that I could do, all the new places of Italy that I could see… thinking of all that is making me a bit sad and angry.

From my last trip before the lock down in Dozza…

But we will always have to think the bride side of life and there is one now; our chance to go outside again. This week our EVS activities have started and we went back to the office in the morning. Only this small step is enough to give you some confidence after all these months locked into your house. This week I had the chance to go outside and understand better how important is to take a walk sometimes and socialize with people in your life. Without these the past months I felt lonely and stuffed even though I could grown myself in many ways.

So this week I walked every morning in the office and enjoyed it so much. I had a coffee, a lunch. an aperitivo and a dinner and again I really enjoyed them. It’s been so long and now it seems the best…

Until the next time,

Danai, Greece

Quarantine diaries: What to watch now?

And the ”Quarantine diaries” project continues…

Last week I wrote about ”What to do” during this lock-down and I added to each particular activity a chilling atmosphere and a slower way to live your everyday life inside the house. Today, first I forgot that I have to write a blog- sorry, I’m so influenced from the chill way to live- and then I couldn’t find a subject. Finally, it came to me… What I do like a boss? What am I good at?

The answer is easy, I’m really good at watching movies, series, documentaries, all kinds of stuff that you can take the opportunity of the lock-down and watch now that you have plenty of time. So, for this week I decided to recommend you some TV series that you can start watching during this quarantine and who knows (?) maybe you’ll manage to finish them until the summer that maybe we’ll be out again.

*For the story, I decided to share with you some series and not movies simply because I prefer them. Usually I’m tired to stay and watch a whole movie and I’m falling asleep at the middle of it.

  1. When They See Us” (2019)

One of my personal favorites of all times. ”When They See Us” it’s a Netflix production -even though usually I don’t like Netflix productions- and it’s an American drama mini-series based on a true story.  It is based on events of the 1989 ”Central Park jogger case” and explores the lives and families of the five male suspects who were falsely accused then prosecuted on charges related to the rape and assault of a woman in Central Park, New York City. The five suspects were children of color that were wrongfully accused for a crime that they never did. The TV series is following the trials and the stories of each particular protagonist and it successfully makes you a part of the events. The ’80s atmosphere, the discrimination of people in color and the poverty of the American society of these times are visible and well displayed.

P.S: Grab some tissues if you easily get emotional and watch this masterpiece ASAP…

2. ”This is Us” (2016-…)

Ready for some family time? ”This is Us” it’s a diversity series even for its category, it’s a drama/ comedy family series. How is it possible, right? The story follows three siblings (known as the ”Big Three”), two brothers and one sister, all born in the same day. One of the most interesting parts of the series is the changing of the timeline once in a while; you see the protagonists in various ages and aspects of their lives. Each one of them has its own problems, joys and obstacles to overcome, but they are all connected with a family drama that follows them the most of their lives. The variety of the protagonists and the diversity of each particular life and story keeps your interest in high levels in every episode.

P.S: In this series you’ll find the best father figure ever played in TV. I love him!

3. ”Shameless” (2011-…)

**Providing this last -for today- TV series I wanted to highlight the difference between ”This is Us” and ”Shameless” and it has to do with the father figures. On the first one you see an emotional father figure, a made for family guy that loves his wife and its perfect in its own, realistic and particular way that makes you fall in love with him instantly. But in ”Shameless” you have a totally different person…

The series depicts the poor, dysfunctional family of Frank Gallagher, a single father raising six children. He spends his days drunk or in search of misadventures, and his children learn to take care of themselves. The show’s producers sought to distinguish this production from previous American working-class shows by highlighting how Frank’s alcoholism affects his family. Through the season of the series you’ll see the children growing up and changing while they’re becoming more responsible than their own father or sometimes irresponsible throwing the blame to the difficulty growing up in this family.

P.S: It might seems depressing as a concept, but the american black comedy atmosphere that follows the series is making everything more entertaining and realistic.

So, that’s it for this week, I might share with some more next week if I find a difficulty thinking of a different subject.

Danai, Greece

Quarantine Diaries: And now what to do?

Hello, Hello again from the beautiful Faenza that I’m currently see only for the window of my room. Sounds a bit depressing isn’t it?

The truth is that the situation is depressing and boring and sometimes so frustrating, but you can’t do anything to change it. I mean you can do a lot and we all heard plenty of things that will help improve the current situation and all of them end up pretty much in the same way, ”I’m staying home”, ”Resto a casa” and ”Μένουμε σπίτι” -I had to write something in Greek after all this time-. So, we have to stay in and find new activities every day to do. Okay, to be honest there is no need to change activities every single day, but if there is anyone out there that is as much active as I am could understand that I need to change activities frequently because either I’m finishing everything really fast, either I’m getting bored after a while…

After almost a month in ”quarantine mode: ON” I arrived to one and only conclusion, you have to chill. Yes, it’s the only way, it’s easier and you have to do this. You can combine ”chilling” with plenty of activities, for example the well known ”Netflix’n’Chill” or ”Working’n’Chill” -recommended more for ESC volunteers all around Europe, that the work isn’t so much and not so obligatory-, ”Studying’n’Chill”- especially for university that even though the online courses have started still you don’t know how is gonna be this semester’s exams-, ”Eating’n’chill” -because all of us, guys, we eat a lot these days, so let’s just chill while eating so will metabolize it better” and last but not least ”Exercise’n’Chill”-because with the quarantine a new, profound love for gymnastics started, but if you’re like me that all my life I wanted to join the gym and I never did, you certainly have to chill and exercise otherwise next morning the only you could do is ”Bed’n’Chill”-.

In conclusion, Chill, Chill and Chill and everything would be all right!

As for me, I pretty much do these kinds of chilling that I gave as examples above. The first weeks I was hooked to Netflix and I was ready to finish it all. This was my first hint to start ”Chilling”. Now, I’m only watching Netflix after dinner and it works for me. Next activity is the association’s work that isn’t a lot, but it helps the time to pass. I’m currently working and elaborating with other volunteers to write an International Mobility project (Youth Exchange), I’m always thinking new stuff to add in our social media and I’m working on things that I want to implement after the lock-down -when I will feel the sun in my skin and I will dance in the rain like the influenced by movies girl I wound become-. After, I’m cooking and cleaning, but always in a chill mood because you really can’t cook all you fridge in one day and then need to go to the supermarket the next one and the same with cleaning, if you clean all the apartment once the next day you’ll have nothing to do. I also discovered Playstation lately and I can assure you that is a good way to spent some meaningless time. Last, I’m trying to study a bit for my exams, but in this case I was chilling before the lock-down and I’m still doing it -after all these years I grew up wiser and I realized that I’m a last minute kind of person regarding studying, so I’m respecting and loving my self, no need to push me-.

Currently chilling

My beloved readers -if you exist- I think we’re done for today. The lock-down lifestyle isn’t the fancier but it’s necessary. To avoid mental break-downs my advise as I told and retold above is to ”Chill”, in any case and with any activity of yours.

Until the next chilling time,

Danai, Greece

ESC experience, the Pandemic and some ”blue” thoughts…

The subject of this week’s article is pretty obvious and easy to think about it. CoronaVirus, Covid-19 or SARS-CoV-2 is the virus that influenced millions of people worldwide, killed a lot of them, closed borders and set the world in a Quarantine mood. I’m not going to give you general information about the virus, to present you the current situation or give you numbers of cases and deaths. I’m only here, blogging and speaking about my EVS experience in Italy as always…

So, I stayed… It’s over a month now that the situation in Italy became serious. First, the schools closed and with them our EVS activities that were pretty much related to schools and kids, as I described in my previous blogs. For around two weeks I had almost nothing to do and I had to stay in the house as much as possible. I can say that at this point I hadn’t really realized the seriousness of the situation; the numbers were still low and the people seemed cool, even though they were staying more at home and bars and restaurants weren’t so full as usual. At this point I had the chance to go back in Greece and spend some time in quarantine, but yet I would be with my family and it would be easier. I decided to stay in Faenza for several reasons, but the main one was that I didn’t want to risk get infected neither infect other people without even knowing it. Also, I didn’t know when this situation will end…

Supermarket reality the first days…

The next week the association start giving as activities to do from home and helping us to deal with the quarantine situation. I didn’t realize before now that it is really hard to live a global crisis like that so far from home and from people that you’re counting on. So, as you could easily understand I had my ”blue” moments, too. Actually the majority of the moments at this point are ”blue” given that each time that I open articles to see the numbers of cases always are bigger and bigger and you’re just feeling far and far from home.

Leaving a bit apart the plethora of thoughts that I have, I manage to feel better through work and activities that the organization gave me. I started some yoga lessons and I did workout from YouTube -like everybody at this point- and I tried to study a bit for my exams. Of course, the house like any other house in the world is cleaner that has ever been and I am cooking like crazy, because I’m running out of things to do in the house pretty easy.

Supermarket lines with 1 meter distance from each other

The latest lock-down found me in the position that I already was, it wasn’t for me a big surprise that we should stay home, we should stop going to the supermarket every day and we should be careful. The only change was that I stopped cooking so much and start a diet for the 5th or 6th time this year.

Reading again all these that I wrote above I just realized that I wasn’t funny at all at this new blog -eh, it doesn’t matter, we aren’t always funny.

Two of the reasons that I miss Greece…

I want to leave you with some food for though this time. I read a lot about solidarity, social awareness and new profound respects for human lives and I strongly believe that everybody should take a moment and think about all of these regarding what’s happening in the world and the new needs and issues that are created. Anyway, one of my results and I really want to spread the word about it, is to cancel 2020 and start using 2021, it will just take the stress out of my shoulders…

Until the next time-that I promise I will be funnier-,

Danai, Greece