Il ritorno a Faenza…

Ciao a tutti,

It’s me, Danai and as every Friday from now on I will be here giving you details about my ESC project and my life in Faenza. If you read and remember my last article, I was talking about January, my little first taste of 2020. We are only watching the previews and I am already tired, like really tired…


I spent my January between two countries, Italy and Greece, while studying and actually dying from boredom and of course travelling and changing zones of hour. After, the first difficult weeks, I returned, for good this time in Italy, but it is just for 2 weeks since I am flying to Brussels at the start of February -you will learn all about it with plenty of photos and a huge blog post.

In any case, since I came back to Italy, I am feeling really empty regarding my energy batteries. Living like a nomad for only a month made me realize that I am getting old. You can laugh as much as you want, but since my birthday -2 weeks ago- I am feeling a grown-ass woman of 25 years old, that I have to eat healthy, before 8.00 a.m and sleep a lot. This is a clear sign that I need some rest, it’s not logical for me to feel old.

Office, office, office

But guess what… my body might need some rest but my head is all about the outgoing side of life and is yelling at me all day YOLO (You Only Live Once). So as you can imagine, it’s been 6 days now that I am living again in Faenza and I was out the 5 of them.

First, when I returned I had to see some friends that I has been literally a whole year since the last time I saw them. We went to a sushi place in Faenza, which I love from the first glance. It’s an all you can eat place with 20.00 every person and you can literally take everything on the menu. In the start I though that the quality will be low, but nooooo, everything was delicious, really really tasty. I ate until I was ready to pass out on that little table, still full of food and I return home only to realize that since I returned in Italy I have to get use again the waking up at 8.00 o’ clock every morning. I got over in as a drunk a glass of water trying to digest all the food and went to sleep.

Sushi Life choose me…

Since that moment the 8.00 o’clock awaking became again a habit. And so on my days kept passing with coffees, aperitivos, pizzas and drinks that gave not only calories, but also a bigger need to sleep and relax alone, away from all; ”JUST GIVE ME A BIT OF SPACE” I was saying to myself while I was getting ready to go out again. Yes, I have to say that I am an irony with a pair of feet, really you have to stop taking me seriously.

The weekend came and my bed was waiting for me. Saturday free, Sunday free, what could it gone wrong? Yes, I forgot I am making plans without even thinking about it, without consciousness, without checking…

Long story sort, I spent the whole Saturday in the streets, the bars and the restaurants of Bologna. It will be unfair if I say that I didn’t had a good time, I love Bologna as a city and I had a really good time with plenty of friends this Saturday. The only black and bad thing is as usual Trenitalia with all the train delays… I had to wait almost an hour to the cold and melancholia station.

Yes, please…

‘TGIS” (Thank God Is Sunday) was my new moto before even start walking in Faenza after Bologna. And finally, I stopped. I stopped making plans, I stopped going out, I stopped changing 5 outfits per day and I had my Sunday to sleep, rest and chill on Netflix. I did nothing -except an aperitivo, but it was really close to my house, doesn’t count-. It was nice and relax, but to keep on grumble a little bit more, as I told you before the awaking at 8.00 o’clock has became a habit again, so even though was Sunday, I woke up around 8.30… but all good, really tutto bene!

Alla prossima,

Danai, Greece

Screen Shot 2020-03-10 at 14.23.14

SEMI on a mission [alla Festa delle associazioni]

Vice-presidente e Segretaria SEMI alla Festa delle Associazioni. PresidentA bloccata al lavoro.

Vice-president and Secretary SEMI at the Associations’ fair. President stuck at work.

Missione: conoscere altre associazioni, fare contatti, pensare possibili collaborazioni, distribuire volantini.

Mission: get to know other associations, make contacts, think of possible collaborations, hand out flyers.

Risultato: missione completata con successo! Abbiamo dei nuovi amici e in particolare:

Result: mission accomplished! We have new friends, in particular:


Mani Tese svolge un lavoro di sensibilizzazione e mobilitazione della società civile italiana ed europea sulle cause degli squilibri nord-sud del mondo con l’intento di generare una spinta dal basso ai cambiamenti necessari per creare una società nuova basata sulla solidarietà, l’equità, il rispetto dei diritti delle persone e dell’ambiente.

screen-shot-2016-10-02-at-20-15-59L’Associazione persegue il fine della solidarietà, è apartitica, non ha finalità di lucro e ha durata illimitata. Si propone di svolgere un servizio di volontariato socio-sanitario e dipromozione umana nel Sud del mondo e alle frontiere della povertà che attraversano al loro interno ogni società, rivolgendosi agli ultimi.

Also, we contacted people from different countries, we distributed flyers and talked about SEMI. We asked people to think of ideas and activities to share at our inauguration and we think that the response was great!

So… stay tuned. Soon we will have a time and place for our first intercultural activity!

Are you interested? Do you want to receive updates on the upcoming events?

Do you speak Italian? Or not? French? Spanish?

Do you want to leave your comfort zone, write something, meet new people?

Do you want to suggest an event or activity about your country or something creative that you like to do?

We need you, CONTACT US!

elisa.emiliani.86 @

+39 389 8443025