Hello everybody, I'm back after 9 days of holidays. During this time I went back to my city, Valencia, to celebrate the Fallas, the typical festival of the Valencians. I was looking forward to good weather, sun, short sleeves because here in Faenza it is not hot, so to speak, with 2ºc and thermal clothes…… … Leggi tutto BACK FROM HOLIDAYS

Travelling: Is it an expensive sport as people think?

~Could a student or a volunteer aford it?  ~What are the alternatives ways for travelling cheaper?  Nowadays, especially with the economical crisis, travelling has become a really expensive sport and some people can not afford it.  Most of people believe if they decide to travel they must spend a fortune. However, there are lot of alternatives ways that are interested in being mentioned.    As a student,I desired to live different experiences and try my limits. However, my family supported me financially, so I wasn’t as much independent to do the things that I wanted to. Day by day living just a simple routine, for me wasn’t enough. So I started to think ways to come out of it. Then, I informed about european projects and their benefits. They provide to people the opportunity to travel literaly for free due to the fact, they give to volunteers, which have selected free airoplane tickets, free accomodation and three meals per day. People have the opportunity to work on some workshops, to live with other volunteers for all over the word (but mostly from Europe) and to live in a foreing country for more or less one week. In addition to, european union gives the chance to people to live more than one week, participating in ESC or EVS (European voluntarily service). It can takes placce from a month to a year. So how facinating is that?   In case that people want to travel bythemselves, always there are some optional ways to do it. First of all, people can just search for a company without to choose … Leggi tutto Travelling: Is it an expensive sport as people think?

Call for a volunteer to a competence centre for people with learning disabilities in Estonia

Our Estonian partner, Noored Ühiskonna Heaks is looking for a volunteer (aged 18-30) to Maarja Village to work with people with learning disabilities. The project's aim is to create solidarity among young people towards people with fewer opportunities, creating a dialogue between individuals in different stages of their life, to reinforce understanding, cooperation and once … Leggi tutto Call for a volunteer to a competence centre for people with learning disabilities in Estonia