Il resoconto di Andrea dopo 6 mesi di volontariato ESC in Grecia

Un treno, un aereo, una nave e un autobus: per arrivare a Ioannina, nella regione dell’Epiro in Grecia, ho preso tutti i mezzi di trasporto possibili. Mi piace pensare a questa circostanza come a una metafora di tutta la mia esperienza lì. La mia avventura in Grecia, infatti, è stata lunga, variegata, articolata e complessa. … Leggi tutto Il resoconto di Andrea dopo 6 mesi di volontariato ESC in Grecia


Homesickness is a feeling of stress or anxiety caused by separation from people and places that you know. It is a natural state we find ourselves in, when we leave our home for long periods of time. Is it that simple though? And what to do when you are sick of your home. A good way … Leggi tutto HOME(/)SICK


It is now my third week living in Faenza and today I would like to share my thoughts on this very important topic. What is it like living together? I want to start by mentioning, that before coming here I lived alone and now I'm sharing a flat with three other people (five, if we … Leggi tutto Living2gether

– Un nuovo inizio –

My main idea will be to upload content about the main things to do in Faenza and the surrounding cities, talk about food, activities, concerts, visit new cities, etc. All this trying not to spend a lot of money, since prices are through the roof and we are young, inexperienced and above all poor.


Today is the last post I write in this blog after a whole year here recounting my experiences in Italy and other European countries. I'm not going to deceive anyone, to be honest, but writing these lines has been harder than I expected because leaving everything I've experienced, the new friendships, the places, the moments… … Leggi tutto GRAZIE MILLE ITALIA