On the 12th of November I went for the first time to one of the cities that has attracted my attention since I was a child, Venice. This time I didn't go alone to discover a new city, I went with Almudena, a Spanish girl who lives in the same city as me. The day … Leggi tutto Venezia


L’associazione SEMI – Seeds for More Interculture APS non si ferma mai. Il nuovo progetto promosso dal comune e finanziato dalla Regione Emilia Romagna, di cui l’associazione è partner, “L’Europa per i giovani: metodi, valori, strumenti”, prevede una serie di iniziative rivolte ai giovani del territorio. Negli ultimi anni si è osservato un certo grado … Leggi tutto L’associazione SE.M.I. e L’EUROPA PER I GIOVANI: VALORI, METODI, STRUMENTI


We're looking for 6 volunteers (3 activities) in central northern Italy, February - October 2023.  Activity 1: Learning is Fun (study support center, afterschool, workshops in the schools) Activity 2: International Creativity (promoting European opportunities, social media management, local and international projects)  Activity 3: Youth International (support to the Youth Information center, social media, local … Leggi tutto CALL FOR VOLUNTEERS!

5 Positive Eco News

1. Harmful chemicals in the ozone layer drop by 50%. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administrations (NOAA) discovered that global concentration of any dangerous compounds destroying the ozone layer have decreased by 50% since 1980. 2. Australia sets aside 30% of land to protect their unique species. Australian officials have protected 110 species and 20 … Leggi tutto 5 Positive Eco News

‘Future in your hands’ a Youth Exchange in Slovenia

In the end of September, SE.M.I association sent young italian participants to join an amazing Erasmus+ opportunity in Domzale organized by the association 'Youth Center Domzale'. Coming back, they wrote their experience and outcomes to share them with other young people and their communities. ''From September 19th to 25th I spent a week in Dob, … Leggi tutto ‘Future in your hands’ a Youth Exchange in Slovenia