Laura’s experience in Youth Center of Epirus, in Greece

The ESC Volunteering project to which I participated was called “Agios Athanasios Asylum Seeker Accommodation Facility” and it was implemented in Ioannina, Greece. The main objectives of this project revolved around the well-being and integration of unaccompanied minors asylum seekers. One part of the activities were focused on planning and performing non-formal educational activities for the hosts of the facility, while the second part of the activities regarded digital content creation on the issue of asylum seeking and migration.

I had good expectations going into this project as I have a strong interest for the topic of migration. So, I was excited to experience first-hand how a facility hosting teenage male asylum seekers works and to interact with them on a daily basis. On this account, my experience surpassed my expectations: I had a great time connecting with and learning from the asylum seekers. Me and the other volunteers planned non-formal educational activities: the main idea was to create activities that could help them develop a skill by doing something engaging as a group game or cooking together or even playing football. It was also important to me to give a strong contribution to their integration into European society, so I developed an activity that would teach them how to recognise traffic road signs and rules.

I had also a wonderful experience with the host country: Greece. Coming from the South of Italy, I felt there was little to no difference in how Italians and Greeks experience life and culture. At the same time, I was able to appreciate the countless influences coming from Eastern and Middle Eastern culture: especially the food! Overall, I believe Greece has a strong combination of all of these elements that together work really well.

Even thought my experience was rather brief, I appreciated the time spent there, because I was able to hone my English and Arabic speaking skills. Moreover, I learned how to plan and perform educational activities and games. I developed intercultural communication abilities and now I am sure that I want to pursue a professional career revolved around the topic of migration and the difficulties experienced by asylum seekers when entering the European Union.


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