Hello! Here’s Margherita again! I’m writing from Leszno, Poland, where I’m currently
volunteering since last December.

Since my last report not much has changed, except for the weather (we finally get to see
some – not much – sun), but I’m still enjoying every day here.

My work time mainly consists in engaging the local community of Leszno in different kinds
of activities, our most popular being cooking and diy workshops, such as the vegetarian
cooking workshop (we made gołąbki) and the diy workshop I held on global recycling day to
give life to old clothes by drawing and painting on them.

We also still commit to spread the concept of multiculturalism and integration by going to
schools and kindergartens to present our country, culture and traditions and by teaching my
language – Italian – on top of English here in the foundation.

As i mentioned in the last report we also developed a “pride” club with the purpose of
creating a safe space for youngsters from the LGBTQ+ community and, with a few weeks
of experience, it’s still the thing I’m most proud of.

On top of that I still take care of creating a monthly newsletter for the foundation which I
share with all of our sending organisations every month.

My time in Leszno is getting better day by day and I cannot wait to see what the next
months hold for me.

Margherita Andreolli


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