– Una settimana dedicata al turismo –

Ciao di nuovo, bei ragazzi!

This week your hype girl comes with too much information. Honestly, I missed blogging, but I was too busy living things to drop here.

I’m a little late with the dates, so I’ll tell you everything that happened (Not everything, obviously, you can breathe out)

On March 1st we enjoyed the most interesting football match in the history (Hint: no) between the Atleti de Bilbao (The favorite team of my fratello Lander) and the Osasuna. You know guys, things that a girl like me do for love. It was very funny to see Mario broadcasting the game in Italian, while Lander cried silently, and we ate some amazing sanwiches that he prepared for us.

Then, on Saturday we tried the “Second best pizza in the world” according to Mr Google, and I have to say that the quality-price was very worth it, the place was totally crowded with young people (Thing that, for me, means that we were in the right place) and gobbled it up without cutting and without any embarrassment in a park as if we had no home.

The restaurant is “Il girasole”, in case you, my beloved readers, want to stop by to eat with your favorite people from Faenza and surroundings.

Afterwards, we went to something like a party. If that is the concept that Italians have of a party, I am very disappointed. Well, I was hoping to twerk reggeton songs until 6:00 in the morning, and people went to sleep too early, but well, the night ended with a beautiful and relaxing night walk.

On Sunday, with the hangover whispering me to stay in bed, we went to Brisighella, and honestly I don’t regret going there at all. It is a beautiful place, with a lot of history, with incredible views of the mountains and full of nature. Tortellinis bigger than my head, white wine and a ukulele in the park, I don’t need much more to be the happiest woman in the world.


And just yesterday, we went to meet two other volunteers staying in Ravvena, as well as Meho, the capo who teaches them Italian among other things. The truth is that it was a morning full of rush and a lot of information, running everywhere and stopping at the most emblematic sites of Ravenna to give a speech worthy of a Freetour.

The girls were lovely as fuck and we can’t wait to see them again, just like Meho (Who told me that my Italian was very good for the time I’ve been here. For this reason I will take this space to send a Shout-out to the best teachers in the world, Sofia, Aka come si diche and Emanuela,the most nice and pleasant woman I’ve ever met here in Faenza. And also to Duolingo and the cultural exchanges that I am doing assiduously and intensely)

I leave here photos of the masterpieces that I was able to see… (I mean Lander, obvious, although the tomb of Dante and the churches were not bad)

I hope you enjoy this adventure as much as I do! And see you soon with more fresh news.

A presto, ragazzi!!


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