It is now my third week living in Faenza and today I would like to share my thoughts on this very important topic. What is it like living together?

I want to start by mentioning, that before coming here I lived alone and now I’m sharing a flat with three other people (five, if we count two more volunteers, that are doing their laundry at our house :P). So the contrast is high and I have many things to compare.

The first difference I’ve noticed was that the bathroom is no longer available 24/7. In the morning I choose to wake up a bit later than everyone else and do my morning routine last. However!!! we don’t have a schedule and my flatmates tend to have similar ideas, especially after a long night. That’s why, sometimes, I’m forced to brush my teeth only a couple of minutes before leaving for work.

The other significant issue is the kitchen… That awful feeling when the fridge is full from top to bottom, but it’s not even your food… Playing Tetris with food, just to fit everything in the cabinet, is something I’ve never done before. And, obviously, when it comes to lunchtime, the small kitchen becomes a Michelin Star restaurant on a Saturday evening.

But I would lie if I would say that there aren’t any positive sides to that kind of lifestyle. I love the way there’s always life inside the apartment, whether someone’s listening to music, playing the ukulele, or even simply talking and spending time together.

In conclusion, adapting to new living conditions might be tough, and getting used to people, you’ll have to live with for the next year, may take some time, but with enough compromise, that kind of life’s way more bright and fun!


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