– La prima settimana –

Ciao di nuovo, ragazzi!

Here the hype girl communicating! Today I will begin explaining how it has been my first week in Faenza as a volunteer for the SE.MI association :).

First of all, I have to say that I am more focused than ever, since in Madrid I felt full of stimuli and I felt that I could never focus on the projects I wanted to make.

These weeks (we actually came on the 9th) have been a real touch-up with the reality that I would like to face and I am getting to know the Ana in depth that I would like to be, so let’s say the hard work actually started on Monday last week.

The truth is that, besides having been focused on improving some personal aspects such as eating healthier, exercising or walking daily (New Year’s Resolutions, you know) we have done quite a few things, such as going to the exhibition of Maija (also known here as the Barbie influencer), about photography and poetry combined in a beautiful space and full of… YOUNG PEOPLE! I couldn’t believe it guys. There I started to speak Italian with complete strangers as if I had any idea what I was doing, and the truth is that we had a good time.

Also, under the exhibition there was a cumbia concert, which brought me a lot of nostalgia for those concerts in Madrid of Anis guateque. The site is called Kayros, and if you, my dear listener, are in Faenza, I highly recommend it for drinks and good music, and other events.

Cumbia concert in very low quality, sorry people.

We also went to another event that dealt with cats and art, called “Arte Gatto, Arte Fatto” where there were at least 50 paintings and ceramics, of people of all ages, about cats, celebrating the day of this beautiful animal. Best saturday’s plan for a 40-year-old woman who lives in the body of a girl of 24. (I mean, me).

I have to add that this week I have spent more time in Parco Bucci than in my own home, because I find it the most beautiful place in the world, and because it relaxes me to hear all those sounds of birds and other animals while I fill the sketchbook with doodles. And why not, I add that the best site in the world costs €0.

To see more about Parco Bucci, you can go to the link of tik tok attached below, that I have worked a lot the video!


And well, it would also be interesting to comment on the trip to Bolognia, which from here (Faenza) is 10 euros of train in total. I had a lot of coffee and tried the “Tagliatelle al ragu” which is a mandatory gastronomic visit (Although I have to say, the site was beautiful, but 13€ for a bowl of cereals stuffed with school food I found a real scam… My Spanish pocket is still not used to everything here is so ridiculously expensive).

We took a nap in the park, after the ricochet effect of the four hundred coffees I had, and I tried to paint a little, the truth is that I don’t remember the name of where we were, but we had a great time watching the sunset with the company of lots of couples and groups of friends who surrounded us everywhere.

We also saw the statue of Neptune (Mandatory stop) from the darkest tile for a better perspective, and maaaaaaany many squares, especially the one that is filled with university students who have changed the name of the square for all the beer they drunk there, with bongo music setting the afternoon and to end a kebab with a rave inside turka-techno music.

And after this intense week, it’s time to get some rest. See you next with more content about this wonderful volunteer adventure!

A presto, ragazzi!


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