In my years I’ve done it a lot, sometimes with friends, sometimes with family. Doing it together can be a pleasure or a challenge. But today I’ll tell you what it is like doing it alone! My name is Andrey and this blog is about my first time traveling alone!

For the past 20 years, I have visited 18 countries, more than 30 cities and 2 continents. Only once was it alone. There are certain cons to traveling with someone. It’s quite possible that you’ll fight and argue over the smallest things, adjust your plans and compromise. However, it is always nice, when traveling, to have somebody to share your experiences with and support each other. While traveling alone, you don’t have that privilege. You have to rely on yourself – choosing tickets, looking for a spot to stay, finding attractions and places to visit.

The biggest challenge I have faced was myself! It’s always difficult for me to meet new people and talk to them in the unknown environment, but if you’re somewhere alone there’s no other way around it. Stepping out of your comfort zone is never easy, but always beneficial in hindsight.  

For me, traveling alone somewhat resembles living alone. You learn a thing or two while you do it with someone and then you do the same things, but alone… Of course, it is scary to go that far from your home on your own, but if you find enough courage, it’s definitely worth it!


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