After almost a year here I have been able to make my first exhibition with my paintings after many attempts, it all started with the hours of work on my personal project as soon as I arrived in February 2022 with the idea of continuing my artistic life and now in January 2023 it has seen the light.

I have always been told not to expect anything from anyone and that if I want to achieve something I have to do it myself, and so it has been, but I expected nothing less. After 8 months painting pictures and totebags, last 14th of January I inaugurated the exhibition TINO, where I show the pictures painted here about my experience as a volunteer in Italy and how a person from abroad who lives there sees the city and show the small details that local people don’t usually notice. I also show my travels, emotions, moments and people that have filled me during this year.

That day I was so nervous that I didn’t know what was going to happen, if a lot of people would come, if nobody would come, if the paintings would be liked or not, if I would be able to explain well what I wanted to express, if people would understand it, etc. But everything was great, a lot more people came than I expected, I spoke all the time in Italian and they told me that I spoke very well for less than a year, that obviously I have a Spanish accent and you can tell that I’m not from here but they congratulated me because not everyone can do it after such a short time. I ended the day with a full heart because of all the shows of affection I received and because I had three Spanish friends who came to see me for a few days, plus all the Italian friends who came to see me.

It also had its shadows because being such an important day for me it was a bit hard for me not having my family and friends from Valencia close by but it was something that I knew could happen but I think that soon they will have the opportunity to see me as I am looking forward to do it in Valencia as soon as I can, with some surprises, and to enjoy that moment with everyone who can.

Now I would like to thank Pedram for letting me exhibit in his place KAIRO’S and for the support and help he offers to young artists, be they painters, singers, etc, thanks to Ina and Danai, my mentor and coordinator, respectively, for supporting me in all this creative process and being a great support during this year, and thanks to everyone who came to see it last Saturday.


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