In today’s blog, the last of the year before my Christmas holidays, I would like to take stock of this year full of adventures.

Who would have thought that a year ago today I would be in another country since February after the previous project was cancelled on 17 December 2021? It all happened very fast, from the time I sent my application to the time I was selected, less than two weeks passed and two weeks later I was already in Italy, in a city I had never heard of before and that would become my home for a year.

I have met a lot of people here, in many cities, you know that I have a hard time talking to people and interacting with them. Not everything has been rosy, it is also true, but everything has been a positive balance for all that I have acquired during these months. You could say that I am a different person to the one who arrived on 3 February, I have learned many things, in life, at work, personally, about where I want to focus my life and my future and I think it has made me improve as a person, more than I already was.

Sharing a job and a flat has not always been easy, everyone knows that, I don’t need to say much more about it but I have been able to solve everything by myself and in the best possible way, I don’t think everyone can say the same.

Travelling alone has also helped me to learn a lot of things about myself, about travelling, getting to know places, etc… I think it will be something that I will continue to do, the truth is that with so many people I know in Europe, I always meet someone I know, otherwise nothing happens.

Right now I can only think about the future and what the future holds for me, applying to international and national calls, looking for work in Valencia, looking for work in other countries, looking for studies in other countries…etc, as I said in a previous blog, only destiny knows what will happen to me. I only know that until the 6th of February my life is still in Italy, and after that…? Of course I would like to go back to Italy or try in another country but first I have to try in my own country, for how long?boh, I don’t know. I wish I could continue to travel around without worries but it’s about time to give adult life a chance and to be functional.

I think that all this time has been a time of personal growth and continuous learning from everything that has been happening, everything I’ve worked on and everyone I’ve met?

I think this is the end of today’s blog and the last blog of 2022, happy holidays to all of you and you know, I’m looking for a job for 2023 😉


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