Spanish Christmas…hohooho

It’s already 1 December, who would have thought it. WOW. Here the cold arrived in September but it depends on what cold is for each person. For me the cold is to be below 20ºc but right now I am living the real cold, where the maximum daily temperature is 6ºc…but as many people tell me the real cold has yet to arrive'' and IWTF”…Because this experience is about to end but I would already be at home in Spain warmer…I’m kidding, I would have endured against time and tide to keep fighting for my dreams.

It’s been a while now, about a month, that at CASA EUROPA, the volunteers’ house in Faenza where I live, we have already put up the Christmas tree thanks to me and my desire to annoy the rest (and because it’s been more than 10 years since I can’t put up the tree in my house because I have a cat).

All the supermarkets are already full of Christmas sweets, well, they’ve been selling them for 2 months now but …. they all look really good like panettone, pandoro, turrones, advent calendars…but wow the price of everything hahahaha. I just want to get to Valencia to eat polvorones and ROSCON DE REYES, I am only going to Spain for 10 days but I am going to eat 72539 roscones.
As for Christmas in Faenza, everything is going normally, they have already put up the street lights, the tree, some decorations but not much more, let’s hope for more Christmas spirit these 15 days I have left before the Christmas holidays.

It’s not that I’m really excited about Christmas or that it’s my favourite holiday, but the only thing I like is going to Murcia and seeing my family, being with everyone and being with my family, this year it will be strange and different but just as special.
After my holidays in Spain I don’t know what my plans will be, if I will stay at home in Faenza, if I will go for a weekend in some city in Italy, if I will go on a trip to another country …. you never know coming from me, HAHAHAHA as they call me WILLY FOG, I will have to honour the name.

The only thing I know now, is that I am looking for opportunities for artists in Europe and work in Valencia for when I return in February, although I have been looking for a short time and I still have 2 months to go back, I want to leave everything well linked before returning so I won’t be with my arms crossed when I arrive.

So much for my blog today, see you next time.

David G. Carrasco


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