Hello all. I wanted to write to inform you on my weekend working with Dress Again, a local business that sells vintage and upcycled clothes.

Dress Again were taking part in Emarké, a market where small vintage and second hand businesses sell their items in one small space. This includes clothes, jewellery, accessories, household items and Christmas decorations.

Dress Again’s clothing rails
Dress Again’s display layout

I spent the Saturday helping them transferring the clothes to the location and setting up the stall, laying out some of the clothes and items on the table and hanging up the others on the clothes rail or mannequins.

The next day was the day we were selling the items. It was a very jam-packed day and we sold lots of items. Amidst the craziness I managed to take time to walk around and see what the other businesses were selling. There was a mix of everything from Christmas decorations, vintage clothes, jewellery and lots of crocheted and embroidered pieces, which made me very happy.

A Moschino jacket I regret not buying :'((((

Despite the temptation, I held off from buying anything, which was very difficult. I really loved this type of event. I actually have an event that takes place back home in Ireland a few weeks before christmas that reminded me of this event where people sell pieces from their businesses, second hand bits that they don’t use anymore or a raffle, but I preferred this because I really loved the vintage pieces and the overall layout.

So that was my weekend working with Dress Again. Hopefully there will be more events like this in the near future within the time I have left here and I hope you enjoyed reading this.



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