Hello everyone, after a while without writing for reasons beyond my control, today I’m back to bring you one of my experiences.

This time I bring you my experience at the Benimaclet conFUSIÓN festival in Valencia painting my first mural in the street/at a festival, although I had already painted other murals at the university or at my friends’ houses.

All this started in June with the call for entries and applying for it two days before it ended while I was in Germany travelling at 10pm before going out for a drink with my friends, then I only had to wait a month and a half to be told that I was selected to paint my proposal during the festival. From that moment on I started to get nervous about everything, going back home, preparing everything, thinking if I will do it well, if I will finish it on time, etc. etc.

October came and so far so good but my flatmates started to test positive for covid so I decided to go back to Spain earlier than planned. With those extra days I was able to see my friends and family, organize and buy everything for the festival, rediscover my city, etc. On Friday 14th I had planned to start the mural by preparing the wall in white and having it drawn, prepare it in the morning before lunch and draw it after lunch. But this was not the case, I arrived at the place to start painting and there was a trailer of a Friday market stall in the neighbourhood where the festival was being held, so I had to wait until lunchtime to start. The whole planning for that day was already delayed but I kept calm, or so I think, because I started to prepare the wall after lunch and to draw at snack time.

The next day I got down to work painting as much as possible and in a moment I had the background practically finished and I started with the biggest and most voluminous part of the mural, the Valencia city hall. I went little by little and with the reference image, without hurrying so as not to get overwhelmed. I think the result was good. The next day, I finished what I had left and I think the final result reflects what I wanted to transmit even if some people on my rrss didn’t understand it.

I am very happy with the result, the experience and the people I have met during these days, as well as feeling supported by my friends and acquaintances who have come to see me while I was painting and those who have shown interest once published in my networks. I hope this is the beginning of many more murals around Valencia and who knows, around Spain or the world.

I hope you liked it and see you next time with new experiences.



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