What will happen after february???

What will happen after February?

This is a question that has been on my mind for a while now and as much as I try to think about it as little as possible, I think about it more and more. There is still some time left, about 4 months or even more, before the end of this volunteering experience in Italy but there is something in me that tells me to try here, to stay but there is also something that tells me to go back home but, at the end of the day, I have more options in my head.

You may be wondering why these options and what they are but mainly they are all related to trying a new one in another country, which one you may be wondering, well in any country where I think I can have a chance to start in the artistic life, the truth but what I don’t feel like is to start again from scratch in another place, look for the best supermarkets, gym, meet people again, languages, etc.

The language barrier in Italy I passed some time ago and it is something I am most proud of myself, I didn’t think I could have fluent conversations with local people 5 months after starting and now that I have been here for 8 months it is much easier, obviously I don’t speak perfectly, I don’t know all the vocabulary words, I don’t know how to conjugate them all well, I won’t have the best pronunciation, but at least I can hold a conversation and everyone I talk to tells me so. This makes me want to continue learning and living in Italy, where? I don’t know, I would like a big city like Florence or Rome for the artistic relevance but there everything is extremely expensive but I have discovered that small cities have their charm and if they are close to big cities I can always make a getaway and move around there too.

As you know I don’t have a problem with interacting with people and talking to everyone and it’s easy for me to make friends but having to start from scratch makes me quite lazy but if I have to do it I’ll adapt and that’s it.

I’ve been looking at accommodation by chance in Italy and the truth is that it’s a bit expensive but you have to know how to look well to find a decent one but you can see that in Faenza only rich people live there, what prices for a city of 60,000 inhabitants, it seems like prices taken from Madrid. In nearby towns and villages they are cheaper, so I’m thinking… What if I try it, what do I have to lose, pros and cons? Pros and cons? Am I doing the right thing by thinking about it? Should I go back home or stay?

I know that there is still a long way to go but as things in the palace go slowly, I have to start thinking about it now and start everything and, believe it or not, I’ve been thinking about it since June, if all summer…

I think this is all for the moment, when I have everything clearer I will write again about this topic and I hope to bring you more interesting topics like more travels, my artistic stuff, etc etc.

I hope everything goes very well and see you soon.



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