The Acropolis, Athens

Hello everyone! I wanted to write to you to tell you about my trip to Greece a few weeks ago. I flew to Athens and met with my travel group (I took my trip with Contiki, a travel company for young people. I traveled with them before a few years ago and really enjoyed the experience). We spent our first night in the city with dinner and were treated to a performance of traditional Greek music and dancing. The next day we spent the morning and afternoon exploring the city before we made our way to the ferry to go to Mykonos.


Our first full day in Mykonos we spent it by the pool and later in the evening we had a walking tour of the town, dinner and went clubbing. The next afternoon was spent exploring more of the town and shopping, and in the evening, dinner and more partying.

The next morning we took the ferry to Santorini, I couldn’t to finally see it in person after wanting to for as long as I can remember and my expectations were not left disappointed. Santorini was a more laid back vibe than Mykonos where we just spent our two nights exploring the island.

After our three days spent in Santorini we took a ferry back to Athens to spend our last night together. We had drinks and food and said our final goodbyes to each other and next thing I know I was back in Italy.

All in all I really enjoyed my eight days in Greece and the travel group was a godsend because it took all the stress of planning off of me so if that’s something you struggle with I highly recommend booking any trips with a travel group.

I hope you enjoyed reading this as I enjoyed remembering this experience and I hope I have more stories to tell.



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