Totebags as personal project

This week it’s not my turn to write in the blog but I thought it’s a good idea to write about my personal project, well, one of them, which I think may be of interest to all readers.

As you already know, I have studied fine arts and I am passionate about painting and that is why my personal projects are all related to it. I am currently painting pictures for exhibitions and right now I am painting totebags/cloth bags with drawings of fallera fabrics, the regional costume of my city. I think it is a good way to make these fabrics known outside Spain and to paint something that I like and makes me feel closer to home even though I am 1145 km away. At the moment I have painted about 10 bags, all with different colours and drawings to practice compositions, colours, harmonies, etc but as I have received more bags, I am going to start repeating patterns and drawings but combining the colours so that each one I make is unique.

It doesn’t cost me much to paint them, just a couple of hours for each one and saving materials and time, and at the same time, I record the process to make a video and upload it to social networks to make my work known. The first videos have had a lot of repercussion and very good reception on instagram and tiktok. (At the end of the publication I will leave all my social networks so you can see them and in case you need more information about them).

I am open to suggestions for prints and patterns, colours and shapes, as all ideas are welcome and everything can be looked at and handled to help me grow as a painter. And finally, I have painted a bag for myself after such a long time of painting.

Here are some pictures I´ve made about the totebags for you to enjoy as much as I do.

My social media:

Instagram @garcardavid15 @artcardavid @senoraquesiquiere

Facebook: David G Carrasco

Tiktok: @garcardavid15

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