Hey everyone! I wanted to write a post to inform you on how to upcycle an old pair of jeans you might have and never wear. Instead of throwing them out, consider giving them a new lease of life.

I was inspired to do this with a pair of jeans I bought years ago that I love but for some reason never wear. I saw a picture on Instagram of this embroidered design a girl used for her jeans and it inspired me to do the same, because I did an embroidery course online as part of my project so I thought I’d put the skills I’ve learned to use.

my sketch of what I want my project to look like

I bought an embroidery kit off the internet a while ago so I wasn’t short of the equipment and different colours of threads I wanted to use (I bought my embroidery kit off amazon). I basically copied the exact design of the reference picture I was using (I had an advantage with the online course I have done, although I’m an amateur embroiderer). I feel like it would be difficult explaining my embroidery method, if you want to partake in this project but don’t know where to start, I recommend watching YouTube tutorials for basic stitches, I’ll also link a tiktok of me doing this project so you get the jist of it.

A work in progress

Overall this project took me a day to complete. There were certain parts of the project that were difficult to work at, for example the parts of the jeans that were already stitched were double layered and was a struggle getting the needle through the jeans and I needed intermittent breaks because my hands were really sore in the process, but I managed to complete it anyway.

The finished project

All in all, I really enjoyed this project. Its not perfect and I made a few mistakes (or happy accidents, as Bos Ross said), but it has inspired me to get out of a rut when it comes to upcycling and I hope to do and write about more projects in the future. I hope I’ve inspired you and you have enjoyed reading this post.

a quick video tutorial

will write with more projects soon



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