Hello everyone! I wanted to write to you all to update you on my trip back home to Ireland two weeks ago. I flew out from Milan early in the morning and next thing I know I was in Dublin. I didn’t inform my family that I was coming home because I wanted to surprise everyone and I managed to pull it off because everyone was so shocked to see me because I gave them the impression that I was thinking of coming home in September. It was very bittersweet seeing everyone’s reactions.

After catching up with everyone, and most importantly my dogs, I spent my days visiting a local artefact that’s widely visited in my home country. Its so close to my home but I never think about going there. It’s a castle that’s widely visited by international tourists and it’s mind boggling to me that something so close to my door is greatly appreciated.

The Rock of Cashel, a local attraction

The days I wasn’t cuddling my dogs I was taking visits to my aunts house and catching up with family members or taking day trips to Waterford (unfortunately everything was closed due to the Bank Holiday and it was pouring rain), and another trip to Kilkenny where I ventured into the charity shops that I greatly missed while I was away.

My last full day my mum and sister spent the night in Dublin. We had dinner and saw Where The Crawdads Sing in the cinema. It was an amazing end to a great but fast paced week. After spending the night at my sister’s house, my mum waved me off at the airport and I had a long and gruelling trip back to Faenza. A very fun but quick week back home that I wanted to update you all on and I hope you enjoyed reading this post. I’ll have more to talk about as the weeks go on

Will talk soon



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