Our volunteers’ experience in the ‘GO GREEN’ ESC project

One month in the European Solidarity Corps may seem long but, in the end, it goes by fast, teaching you a lot along the way both practically and emotionally.

The “Go Green” project was a project in the name of nature built to teach us how to think and act ‘green’ in our own small way, because, borrowing Vasilis’ words, you need to start small to save an ocean.

The project was implemented near Nea Moudania, Greece, by ‘You In Europe’ organisation over the course of four weeks:

  • the first one was an introductory week in which the main aim was to get to know each other, get
    comfortable with each other and learn about the program and its goals;
  • the second one was a preparatory week in which we organized ourselves, planned and prepared the activities that would be carried out during the next week;
  • the third one was the implementation week in which we proceeded with the practical part of the prepared activities such as the cleaning of local beaches, the cleaning and signaling of protected area and local wetland Agios Mamas, the improvement of the signaling and maintenance of a local path, the creation of bee hotels and, in collaboration with the team of the other project, the planning of a flashmob for the local festival of Nea Moudania;
  • lastly, the fourth and final one was a free week in which we traveled together through the area.

While the practical part of the program was incredible and fulfilling, the most meaningful side of the experience remain the beautiful bonds we were able to build thanks to the amazing atmosphere
the organization and its incredible people were able to create.
Even though sharing almost every
second of the day with people can be seen as challenging, it gives you the chance to get to know
not only them, but also yourself deeply. Open-mindedness, flexibility and adaptability were the key
to a peaceful and harmonic coexistence and every situation, even the most proving one, was an
opportunity to learn to face obstacles with the right attitude. But the obstacles weren’t that many
after all and when, towards the end of every day, we were asked for feedback and constructive
criticism, silence prevailed, not because of boredom or shyness but simply because nothing was
ever out of place.

One month may seem long but, in the end, it goes by fast, leaving you with beautiful bonds with
beautiful people and long lasting memories of an amazing experience.

Thank you You in Europe for this time together and thank you SE.M.I. associations for this opportunity.


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