Hello everyone! I thought I would write to you to let you know about how I’ve spent my summer so far.

In the middle of June I made a trip to Verona to see Lorde live in concert. It was my first concert in over two years and I was not left disappointed. She performed flawlessly, she was very engaging with the audience and the overall ambience of the night was incredible, taking place inside a castle as the sun was setting, it was a night I will never forget.

Last weekend I made a trip to Rome (my third visit) to meet up with my sister and cousin who had embarked on a cruise in Greece and Italy and made a stop in Rome. Our first day consisted of us going out to dinner and visiting the Trevi Fountain, but our second and last day was more action packed as we took the 24 hour bus and saw all the sights and visited the Colosseum. I’ve walked past the Colosseum a few times but never went inside it, and I’m glad I got to actually witness it and imagine what life was like for the people living during that era.

I hope I will have more to tell you as the weeks go on as I have a few other plans this summer, such as going back home to Ireland, going to Greece and maybe a few day trips as well.

Will talk soon



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