Hello everybody, after several weeks I’m back to tell you about my experiences in Italy. This time I bring you a summary of everything I have done because I don’t want to be boring.

After 3 years I have come back to see my friend Ainhoa, obviously because of the distance, as she lives near MILANO and I live in Valencia, and because of the coronavirus. Now that I live in Italy I have gone to see her, it is the first time I go but not the last, let’s remember that I will be here until February, God willing.

I went to Milano for 3 days, from the 17th to the 19th of June, to see my friend and her family, as well as to see her perform in a musical theatre where she was the main character, I saw the city and I have to say that I didn’t like it very much but it was all beautiful, I also saw Rho, the city where my friend lives. It was an express trip because I had to go back to work in a youth exchange in Tredozio again.

On the 19th of June the WOMEN ‘S MARCH youth exchange started with participants from Italy, Spain, Portugal, Greece and Hungary. Although my colleague Cecilia and I went to work, we felt very loved, supported and integrated with the Spanish team, they made it very easy for us because of that “the goat goes to the mountain”. It was a week of getting to know each other, sharing, learning, fighting and working for a common good, feminism, an issue that still needs to be given visibility in Europe. The experience was very enriching because we created a very nice bond between us and it was the beginning of something… We also had the great GOSSIP BOX, the most beloved thing in a youth exchange, or at least for the Spanish and Portuguese …ups. I would just like to thank each one of them for being part of this adventure and that they already have a place in my heart forever, and also to thank the association for giving me the opportunity to work in another project like this and to be able to continue acquiring knowledge for my future.

We had little time to rest from this exhausting week and we went back to work but not for long because I had holidays from June 30th to July 6th to go back to Valencia, my city, to see my family and friends after 4 months without seeing them. I have not been able to see everyone I wanted to see but I have seen a lot of people. All of them have given me the strength to keep fighting for my goals in life and to give me the push I needed to face the months I have left here as I don’t know when I’m going to return to Valencia. I spent all this week eating typical things from my homeland, such as fartons, paella, tapas, ham and fiambre…. which made me so happy.

I hope you like my adventures and I am already looking forward to new trips, projects and personal and personal work. …. Best wishes from Faenza


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