After two weeks I bring you a new post about my life in Italy. Although it may seem a short time, a lot can happen in these weeks, so this week I come to tell you about things that have happened to me and have made me very happy.

As you may have noticed so far, I use this blog as a personal diary where I keep a record of everything so that everyone can live my experiences from the viewer’s point of view. It’s rare for me to talk like this in such a public way as a blog or translate it for my facebook profile, but this year I decided to focus on me and show myself as I am, without filters, although I have few filters, you know that. I hope I’m not boring or annoying with my words. I guess you are getting to know some side of me that you didn’t know, in fact I am also learning a lot about myself and I see that I have grown a lot as a person from a few months ago until now, let’s say a year, and that I don’t look the same as before, both physically and mentally and… I don’t know how to explain it. To sum up this paragraph, it’s good to focus on yourself from time to time.

Before I start explaining my two weeks I am going to explain a bit about my emotions. As you know I am 1140 km away from my home, my family, my friends, my whole life, but there too the distance hurts me, participating in so many things and meeting so many people, there are always pieces of me in each person I meet. You connect more with some than with others but there are always good words and memories and contact in social networks. That’s why this month is the month of reunions, at the moment I’ve already had one and it has filled my heart to keep going, because yes, my life and the people I’m close to are fine, but the best thing is to see familiar faces after so long. That is the reason why June is my month, I have seen some friends who live in Germany after 9 months, soon I will meet again with a friend who I haven’t seen for 3 years because of the covid and the distance because she lives in Milan and I live in Valencia but now we are closer and at the end of the month I go back home, to my Valencia to see my friends and to Murcia to see my family and to be able to meet the next generation. I know it’s going to be a month full of emotional ups and downs, you all know how I am but always, after falling down you get back up again and that’s what gives me energy. As I have explained several times to my closest circle, crying is not only for being sad or something, you can cry for happiness and when I usually cry at goodbyes (90% of the times) it is because of the mixture of both emotions, sadness because you don’t know when you will see that person or persons again, because you don’t know if everything will continue, because you don’t know what will happen next; but at the same time it is something nice for me because crying for joy for loving someone is something fulfilling, for the shared experiences, for the lessons learned, for the personal growth, etc.


begin with, I’m going to talk about my trip to Florence with some friends from university who came to see me. Florence is a city near where I live, only 2 hours away by train and it is beautiful. After so many years studying things in the city we decided to visit it and have a reunion since we hadn’t seen each other since January. It was like going back to the past, you breathe art everywhere you go, there were artistic things everywhere, paintings, sculptures, history and architecture. I fell in love with the city, but there were a lot of stairs and ramps everywhere and it was hard for me. We saw everything possible in the city but we only left one thing unseen, THE DAVID, which is a sin to go to the city and not be able to see it…. and I’ll come back to see it, I’m not worried about it, to be honest. I also accept companions for another visit to the city hehehe.

These two weeks can be summed up in work, new experiences and reunion. Work is going as usual, everything is great, you could say. To this we add my personal project that I already mentioned some time ago with the DISTRETTO A and the itinerant dinner, it was a very cool night, I practised a lot of Italian talking with people, it was a new opportunity to see the Faentino life, I had never seen so many people in the street since I arrived. The itinerant dinner is a festival in the neighbourhood where there were more than 45 stalls where you could eat and enjoy food and music, tradition and innovation, etc. For me it was like being in the festivities of my city, seeing people in the street, enjoying with friends but I saw it as a mere spectator since I was as a volunteer selling tickets, glasses, etc. I was also going to do an urban art workshop but it was cancelled due to the bad weather but we are already talking about doing it on other dates so as not to miss the opportunity. I really liked the way I was treated by the organisers and I would like to thank them for the warm welcome from the beginning and for letting me participate with them. I did my best to help them in the best way I know how.

A few days later, and to start the month of June, I went on a trip to see some friends in Munich to take advantage of the long weekend. On Wednesday 1st I went to Bologna and spent the night at the bus station because mine was leaving at 5:30 am, yes I went by bus, 8 hours but it was cheaper than anything else and as you know, I’m volunteering which means that there isn’t much budget in general. I arrived in Munich at lunch time. My friends were there waiting for me after 9 months, it was strange I’m not going to fool you but I was very happy to see them. During those days we went to see as much of the city as possible although we couldn’t see everything because of the weather but I already have an excuse to go back to Munich. We went to a lake and a “beach”, which is actually a river in the middle of the city, we went out partying a couple of nights, they thought I wouldn’t be able to party two days in a row but they don’t know that in fallas it’s 6 days non-stop and that I have more energy than they expect, we talked about many things, we caught up on everything about our lives, we laughed a lot, I met their friends, I saw monuments and spectacular places…. People spoke to me in German and I needed my friends to get me out of the situation but it was great fun. On the last day, I almost missed the bus because the tram to the bus station was cancelled because it was a bank holiday so we had to manage to get there on time, when we arrived the bus was 30 minutes late, thank goodness. Goodbyes are always hard for me, even knowing what is going to happen, but it is what I said before, it is not all sadness, it is also happiness, friendship, sincerity, etc.

I think this is a good summary of what I have done during these days, but what can you say about an express holiday… and I don’t have to tell you everything in detail, to be honest.

After a long time I am very happy with what is happening in my daily life, in my personal growth, in my close and distant circles, in everything in general.

I hope you liked my life these days, it’s not much but at least I can tell you how I’m doing.

And now some pictures from my adventures





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