90 Ways to Save the Planet

Hello everyone! It’s Fiona writing to you to give you some environmental information and advice every once in a while, and for my first post I wanted to give you 90 ways in which you can help save the planet.

1. Attend climate strikes

2. Sign petitions

3. Organise strikes if there’s none taking place near you

4. Join an environmental society

5. If there’s no societies near you, start one

6. Join Extinction Rebellion

7. Watch documentaries

8. Read books

9. Use reusable food containters

10. Try to minimise plastic usage

11. If using plastic, recycle it (clean it, dry it, recycle it)

12. Dispose of waste products in correct recycling bin

13. Challenge yourself to go plastic free for a month

14. When purchasing food, look for cardboard/tin/glass alternatives

15. Use reusable tote bags while shopping

16. Use a bamboo toothbrush

17. Use reusable face cloths instead of disposable cotton pads to remove makeup or cleaning your face

18. Use a menstrual cup

19. Use reusable sanitary towels

20. Use organic tampons

21. Reduce meat consumption (avoiding animal products for one week can help you save 8,250 gallons of water, 300 lbs of grain, 225 sq. Ft of forest, 150 lbs of CO2 and 8 animals lives).

22. Try becoming vegan or vegetarian

23. Wear less makeup to reduce plastic consumption (from the packaging)

24. Remove makeup with coconut oil

25. Use biodegradable makeup wipes

26. Use a reusable water bottle (preferably steel) to reduce plastic usage

27. Use a reusable coffee cup

28. Reduce shower time to avoid wasting water

29. Avoid aerosol deodorants

30. Use cleansing balm to remove makeup (I use The Body Shop Camomile cleanser, it’s cruelty free and vegan and comes in a tin packaging so it’s easier to recycle) https://thebodyshop.it/collections/cleansers-toners/products/p000186

31. Avoid microbeads in products like skin exfoliators as they contain plastic particles

32. Use a shampoo and conditioner bar

33. Buy clothes and furniture from second hand shops

34. Buy and sell clothes on depop/vinted/eBay

35. Fly less

36. Offset carbon footprint (you can do so by visiting wren.com and taking a quiz on your lifestyle and advising you on what you can do differently to save the planet)

37. Travel by train

38. Take local vacations

39. Cycle

40. Walk

41. Take public transport

42. Car pool

43. Invest in an electric car

44. Air dry your hair instead of using a hair dryer

45. Air dry clothes

46. Use natural laundry detergent

47. Put washing machine on a environmentally friendly setting as it uses less energy and water

48. Use a bamboo razor instead of a plastic razor

49. Start sugar waxing to remove body hair as the ingredients are water soluble, natural and can be made at home (sugar, lemon juice and water)

50. Avoid palm oil in products

51. Avoid plastic straws (invest in metal or bamboo straws or request no straw with your drink)

52. Avoid plastic cups

53. Bring utensils with you to avoid using plastic utensils

54. Research and vote for political parties that care about climate change

55. Ask for any receipts to be sent by email, or reject them altogether

56. Use matches instead of a lighter

57. Plug out appliances and turn off the lights if you’re leaving a room

58. Buy local produce

59. When gift wrapping, use brown wrapping paper as ordinary wrapping paper is lined with plastic

60. Reuse wrapping paper

61. Use fabrics for wrapping presents

62. Buy organic produce as they don’t contain pesticides

63. Organise local cleanups

64. Buy less possessions

65. Get a compost bin

66. Buy plants for your home, they purify the air, reduce stress and they’re a nice decoration to have in the home

67. Use Ecosia (a search engine that donates their ad revenue towards planting trees)

68. Avoid shopping fast fashion and micro trends

69. Invest in clothes of good quality that will last a long time

70. Avoid plastic packaged foods

71. When ordering in a restaurant, try the plant based option

72. Research the brands you’re buying from and their ethics

73. Cut plastic pack rings from beer cans as they can choke small animals or avoid altogether

74. Use energy efficient light bulbs

75. Avoid using napkins, paper towels or paper plates

76. Choose to shower instead of taking a bath to save water

77. Learn to sew and upcycle clothes instead of throwing them away

78. Donate clothes you don’t use anymore

79. Use E Tickets instead of paper tickets

80. Turn down the temperature in your home

81. Turn off your car engine while sitting in traffic

82. Volunteer with projects that support climate change

83. Get solar lights for your garden

84. Turn off the tap while brushing your teeth

85. Don’t litter

86. Pick up litter you may see on the ground and dispose it

87. When buying clothes, ask yourself “will I wear this 10 times?”

88. Don’t waste food

89. Educate yourself

90. Educate others


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