In this project with SE.M.I. we have to carry out a personal project throughout the year, it can be one or several, and today I am going to tell you about them.

You can focus this project on your curriculum or on your hobbies and as my hobbies and the things I am passionate about are the things that go for my curriculum I decided to join the two and make a big project.

The first idea I came up with was about urban art, giving workshops in schools and high schools, painting murals in the streets, painting murals with high schools, participating in competitions, talking to organisations and seeing what could be done. ….

I got in touch with DISTRETTO A an association in Faenza that focuses a lot on urban art and I am currently working with them organising DAWE’22. It’s a festival where they organise dinners and outdoor activities to give life to the neighbourhood and make it more family friendly. I’m going to participate as a volunteer during the itinerant dinner and I’ll be doing a mural painting workshop.

We continue with the mural painting and my thousand ideas. I hope that at some point I will be able to carry out the workshops and collaborative murals with a school, but little by little and with a view to the next school year, as I have been ghosting a bit for some time now. I would like to paint murals in the streets of Faenza using ceramics as the main theme, life here and its customs and people, but this is a bit more complicated because you need a lot of permissions, paints, etc. but you should never think negatively and I hope that something can be organised.

As the theme is about painting and continuing with my artistic life, I want to paint pictures with the same theme in order to be able to hold exhibitions in the city. By theme I mean ceramics, my life as a foreigner, the people of the city, the traditions, the workers in the local shops. I have already started to take photos to use as a reference and as I won’t be able to paint all the photos I take, I would like to make a photo exhibition as well, so that I can use all my work. I already have a couple of canvases but I don’t have my paintings because my brother hasn’t sent them to me yet, along with my clothes.

As this personal project is going at a snail’s pace, I decided to think of others and it occurred to me to discover the world of ceramics as it is something very important in Faenza. That’s why I want to become an apprentice in a workshop to learn the technique from its beginnings since I couldn’t take the subject at university and I think that here I can make the most of the opportunity during my stay here. Now I’m looking for a place to start because it’s an idea that has only recently occurred to me but I have high hopes.

Finally, my third project, but the one I am most excited about, THE REGGAETON PARTY in Rione Verde. After having attended two parties of two riones, yellow and red, and seeing that here in Italy they don’t know about parties, it came to my mind that I could do one in the place where I work and teach these people what a party ”a la española” is, or better said ”A LA VALENCIANA” and organize an authentic Fallas party. THE GOAT ALWAYS GOES TO THE MOUNTAIN. We’ll see how this monumental move ends, I just have to say that I’m already in negotiations.

And up to here my closest projects, I can’t go on talking because otherwise there’s no point in showing you everything before I do it. Little by little you will see the results of everything. I can only say that my paintings are arriving in Italy and I’m looking forward to pick up the brushes again after a bad patch.

Thanks for reading me for another week.


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