A Roman Holiday

Ciao a tutti! I thought I would write to you all to tell you about my trip to Rome two weeks ago and all about what I did.

I left for my trip on Friday the 15th of April by train to meet with my mum who I haven’t seen in over two months at the train station. We spent our first day getting settled into our accommodation, making a plan for the weekend and then getting dinner and catching up later in the evening.

On Saturday we started by taking a bus tour and getting a full tour around the city’s main landmarks. It was a great way to fully see everything and what the city has to offer. Then we had lunch and afterwards we visited the Doria Pamphili Gallery and was surrounded by amazing paintings and sculptures.

Sunday was a more relaxed day for us and we spent the day looking for any vintage shops that were open (the majority of them were closed on account of it being Easter Sunday) but we looked through the ones that were and spent all of our money.

Afterwards we walked around and saw the landmarks that were within walking distance for us like the Trevi Fountain and the Pantheon, and we finished the evening and our weekend together by having dinner and finishing with (vegan) tiramisu.

Although I have already visited Rome very briefly a few years prior, I really enjoyed it this time around because I had more time to explore what the city had to offer. I hope if you have never visited then you strongly consider doing so, because you will not be disappointed.

Talk soon



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