Hello everybody, I’m back after 9 days of holidays. During this time I went back to my city, Valencia, to celebrate the Fallas, the typical festival of the Valencians.

I was looking forward to good weather, sun, short sleeves because here in Faenza it is not hot, so to speak, with 2ºc and thermal clothes…… I arrived in Spain and a storm of rain and wind swept through those days and continues to this day. It is often said that if you take two days of sunshine away from a Valencian, his energy weakens, so imagine how everyone will be after two weeks of rain. But now I´m in Faenza with “good weather (sun)´´ and they want to kill me.

I arrived in Valencia on Friday the 11th at 23h, my mother was waiting for me with my favourite sandwich to go and see my friends at my Falla. NOBODY knew I was arriving on Friday, everyone thought I was arriving on Saturday 12th because that’s what I told them. Everyone was stunned when they saw me appear through the door, no one had any words when they saw me but the welcome was spectacular. To be able to see the surprised faces of my friends was priceless and something I will always remember.

The week of Fallas is a week of not standing still and just going home to shower and sleep.The fallas are UNESCO Intangible Heritage of Humanity since 2016. They are characterised by the creation of large sculptures made of wood, extruded polystyrene, paper, paint, etc., which are burnt at night on the last day (19th March) in honour of the patron saint of carpenters, Saint Joseph.

The first two official days of the fallas are the 14th and 15th of March with the plantá of the fallas in the streets of Valencia, there are a total of 392 fallas (cultural associations) and each one plants two ‘monuments’, one for the children and one for the adults. In the mornings we have the Despertà, followed by lunch, which is usually chocolate with churros and then change your clothes and put on your regional costume because you have a parade through the neighbourhood. Often the parade is changed for an important event in the city centre, such as the prize-giving ceremony.

In the afternoons we have various activities for the children of the association such as, for example, snacks, shows, bouncy castles, magicians, etc. and then it is the turn of the adults, with a dinner and later with a party or monologuists to liven up the evening. We are all like a family and we have known each other all our lives, and even if there are frictions, everything works out. During the festivities I enjoyed myself to the fullest because I was looking forward to being back with my friends celebrating the best festival in the world, LAS FALLAS, after the coronavirus ruined everything on the 10th of March 2020, the date when the fallas of 2020 were cancelled. You can’t imagine what we all cried that unexpected day….

The last day there, the 19th, was a bit hard for me, as I had to pack my suitcase to go back to Faenza in the morning because my first flight was at 7 am on the 20th. Then I spent the whole day with my aimgos to spend the last hours with them, but during the CREMÀ (the moment when the sculptures are burnt) I had to go to see the ones my brother had made (he is a fallero artist), and I couldn’t be with my friends in my own FALLA. When we arrived from seeing theirs, our falla was just finishing burning, many feelings came out of me when I saw everyone, everyone was crying from the emotion of burning it, my friends came to hug me because they knew it was all over and we didn’t know when we were going to see each other again, everyone was saying goodbye…..

A while went by and everything calmed down but I couldn’t stop crying because I had to get everything out as I was flying back in a few hours. When I had calmed down a bit, a 4 year old boy came to give me a hug because I was going far away and to give me a flower so that I would remember him a lot…. he broke my heart into 1000 pieces the damn kid.

I think I’ve already commented on my holidays, because if I start to explain it in detail I could write a saga like Harry Potter with everything that has happened to me, the people that have appeared in my life, the good and bad moments….. so this is my blog for this week, see you soon.


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