Since I have last updated you, quite a few things have happened. After spending my first three weeks living alone, I was introduced to my new roommate, Majia from Latvia.

After getting her settled and adjusted to her new surroundings, my previous two weeks revolved around preparing for the Aperitivi Linguistici events with my co-volunteer David from Spain. We prepared pictures of landmarks from our home countries as well as Italy and explained them to participants who have attended and also prepared a quiz the week after with the topic being carnivals.

Throughout the weeks we also attended our Italian lessons and thanks to them I feel more confident in my understanding of the language, although I need more confidence when it comes to interacting with others, hopefully it will improve with time.
We have also been attending photography workshops and we are hoping to start taking pictures soon because we have been taking lectures from them for the past month and I am really excited to start soon.

In my spare time on the weekends I haven’t got a chance to venture outside of the city but I am hoping that will change soon and I will be sure to tell you all about what I get up to.

Will talk to you soon


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