‘Welcome to the New Age! Stress, Resilience and Art of planning’ Training Course

This October (17-24/11/2021) took place in Budapest, Hungary the Training Course ‘Welcome to the New Age: Stress, Resilience and Art of Planning’ organized and hosted by Youth Bridges Association.

The main objectives of the project were:

  • Help participants to understand and make them aware of their own current coping
    mechanism in case of unforeseen situations, get them to learn about resilience.
  • Make them focus on those aspects of their lives that they can actually influence (circle of
  • Provide the participants with tools and techniques (mindfulness, solution-oriented
    approach) with which they will be able to adopt more successfully both on a personal and
    organisational level and implement educational activities for young people on resilience
  • Promote the power of EU values like cooperation, solidarity, tolerance and diversity and
    their role in rebuilding our daily life.

Three young, motivated people sent by SE.M.I association joined the project and here are their outcomes and memories.

  • What was the topic of the project?

C: The topic of the project was Resilience. Actually I didn’t know much about it, so this was the main reason i wanted to participate to this project, and it was really enlightening and fun ‘cause i met very nice people from all around the world.

M: Welcome to the New Age training course, Budapest Hungary

C: The topic of the project was Resilience.
I knew this word but I’ve learned a lot about this word and its meaning and for this I’m very grateful to this experience.

  • What was your biggest learning outcome?

M: To learnt about Resilience like Some pillars acceptance, learning the victim role, taking responsibility, solution orientation, optimism, planning for the future, Networking.

C: This project was based on group activities, where everyone could express their ideas. I really loved these moments because I’ll take benefit from their opinions and thoughts, adopting and modifying them as mine, knowing how to move in different situations.

C: After these days in Budapest with these amazing trainers and these people, I’ve learned a lot about myself and how to become a resilient person, now I know the way to be stronger than before.

  • Do you have any plans to continue action around the topic? If yes, how?

C: Yes, I want to improve what I’ve learned about this topic because I think that all of us have to remember these teachings.

M: Yes, if I get one more opportunities related to resilience project then definitely I wanna join it again because it’s so fruitful for us.

C: In my opinion, this is a topic that could be practiced in everyday life with every kind of people, ‘cause i think that we don’t know what the future holds, so i believe it’s a good exercise!

  • Would you recommend the Erasmus+ opportunities for young people to your friends? I yes, why? If not, why not?

M: Yes, because it’s so crucial for everyone to improve their quality & knowledge through this projects.

C: Obviously I recommend these opportunities, because it’s really important that all the young people could share their ideas and opinions to the rest of the world, adding that one day we will be the guidelines for the next generation.

C: Yes, I absolutely recommend the Erasmus + opportunities to my friends because in my opinion it’s an opportunity to open our mind and meet new cultures; so I think that each young person should do this experience!


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