“first time” moments in Faenza

In this blog about my “first time” moments here in Faenza.

To begin with, FAPRIDE2021 was the first pride I ever joined.

In a historical moment in which homolesbobitransphobic aggressions are still on the agenda in Italy, aim of the FAPRIDE2021 was to return to the streets to claim the right to a life free from discrimination and to celebrate the 52nd Anniversary of the Stonewall riots.
Also this year was held a moment of silence in Piazza del Popolo, on the afternoon of Saturday 26 June. The FAPRIDE2021 was divided in two parts. The first was dedicated to the realities and stories of the territory from people that promote human rights activism and disseminate issues related to the LGBT+ community. In the second part there was an open microphone available to associations and individual citizens who were wishing to leave their testimony.

One of the strongest moments for me was when a mother of three sons went to the open microphone. She said that her two sons are heterosexual while the one is homosexual and that she cannot EVER imagine that people will treat the homosexual son in a different manner from the other two or that he will have less opportunities in life than the other two.

My very first activities with kids.

The previous week one of my activities started its operation, the CRE ESPLORATORI 2021 in Brisighella. I always wanted to work with kids and that was a great start. However, in general, to work with children you will need: a patient nature, excellent communication skills, enthusiasm, the capacity to think on your feet and stay calm in stressful situations, imagination and creativity, good organizational and time management skills, a non-judgmental approach and a respect for diversity and leadership skills. A sense of humour, problem-solving ability and resilience also go a long way. The outcome though and what you finally get is ineffable. You’ll inspire minds, shape young lives and support a child’s overall wellbeing.

Filling our pots with soil so we can plant some seeds

An other activity I was part of, along with Mathilde and Gonzalo, was the “Letture in Tante Lingue” in the Manfrediana Biblioteca Comunale of Faenza. It was an afternoon spent by reading books to kids 0-6 age in our mother languages. There were Italian, French, Spanish, English and Greek. The kids seemed to like it and some of them were really attentive and eager to interact with the “odd” sound of the languages that don’t sound like Italian.


In other news, I was so “happy” when I discovered some Greek goodies in the supermarket until I realized that they are “Greek” and produced in Germany. 🙈

Tzatziki and Gyros…

That’s all for now!
See you next time!
A dopo allora!



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