“Let’s Bee in Honey Mood”

Opportunità: Youth Exchange Erasmus+ “Let’s Bee in Honey Mood”

Dove: Nea Moudania (Salonicco), Grecia

Quando: dal 3 al 12 Settembre 2021

Descrizione: questo scambio giovanile mostra ciò che danneggia e incide negativamente sul settore dell’apicoltura, evidenziando invece le buone pratiche che possono essere attuate affinché l’apicoltura continui ad aiutare ma soprattutto a proteggere l’equilibrio ambientale e la biodiversità per il bene del pianeta.

Here you can find the application form if you wish to participate in the Youth Exchange Erasmus+, taking part in Nea Moudania, Greece, from 3 to 12 September 2021 (travel days included).


We are looking for 5 participants and 1 group leader from Italy!

Aim and Μethod of the project

Τhis Youth Exchange aims to fulfill the need to demonstrate all the bad practices that harm and affect negatively the beekeeping sector while highlighting all the good practices that can be implemented so that beekeeping will continue to help but mainly to protect the environment balance and biodiversity for the good of the planet.
Also on the occasion of European VET Skills Week we wanted to highlight the profession of beekeeper as an alternative to the current labor crisis in several European Countries.

And how will we achieve this?

Using non formal, interactive methods where participants will have an active engagement in discovering the life of bees, and receive practical information on ways to protect the environment and restore ecological balance through beekeeping, learn about the usefulness of bee products and discover new business opportunities on this field.


_To raise awareness of the importance and the role that the bee plays in maintaining the balance of biodiversity and environmental protection;
_To get knowledge of the importance of the products of beekeeping which is connected with the activity of wax making /cosmetology workshop;
_To learn about the importance of beekeeping products to health and healthy nutrition;
_To discover that the beekeeping profession is a means of livelihood alongside environmental protection;
_To discover ways to counter and counteract the inappropriate use of chemicals in agriculture;
_To be informed about good urban beekeeping practices;
_To meet the methodology of interactive experiential technique;

Travel info and budget

In order to travel to Greece please check the link below:


The nearest airport is Thessaloniki airport “Makedonia” (SKG).
The amount that is covered for travel expenses, regarding the distance calculator, for each participant from Italy is 275€.

The project will be held in “Bambola” apartments in Nea Moudania.

And what about Covid? During the activity it is mandatory to obey all the existing measures and restrictions ordered by the government (we will keep you updated). Currently the quarantine is not required.

* Please be aware that the 03 of September is the arrival day and 12 of September is the departure day of the project.
* If you want to stay more days in Greece by your own expenses, you could book your ticket MAX 2 days before the project or MAX 2 days after.
** Please send us your travel plan before your final booking, in order to confirm it.

IMPORTANT! If you are allergic in bee sting bite, it’s not your kind of project!

Do not hesitate to contact us for any question or clarification: semisending@gmail.com

Find the Infopack in the link below:


🐝 🐝 🐝 🐝 🐝


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