airport drama and live music therapy


It’s me again, Kyriakos, the Greek volunteer.
This is my second post and I haven’t found yet the proper way to greet you in my blogs.

For the ones that struggle to pronounce my name, in Italian it’s Domenico,
but you can always try the “original” name first.

Today it’s the 12th day of my stay in Faenza. Well, so far so good, I guess.
But before arriving here and before even leaving Greece, I lived a really tense situation. I arrived at the airport full of joy and on time and I went to my airlines’ desk to give my checked baggage. They asked for all the necessary papers, i gave them and then BOOM (E for Employee, K for Kyriakos):

E: We cannot allow you to pass and fly mister Papadopoulos.
K: What? Why?
E: Your negative covid test is not in English…
K: Yes but all the info that one should read to understand everything is in English except from some general info about the test that everyone can find online and in any language.
E: We want the whole test translated in English. Call your lab and tell them to translate it and send it in a pdf file.
K: Ok, I will see what I can do…

I called the lab and they asserted that they have never had this kind of problem before.
The airport’s employee still didn’t accept it and the lab started translating everything in English so I could fly.
Time was passing and the test was being translating and Kyriakos was dying inside.
Ten minutes before the gate was about to close, that happened (AE for Another Employee (THANK GOD THE PREVIOUS ONE WAS GONE), K for Kyriakos):

AE: Where are you going sir?
K: I am flying to Bergamo! (or trying to…)
AE: What are you doing here then? Let me check all your papers!
I passed her the papers explaining what had already happened…
AE: You have to hurry up!
K: Is everything ok?

and I ran and I RAN and now I am finally here!

slight pause and inhale

I would also like to share some thoughts regarding my room at c-lab and one place close to it. I really don’t mind the VERY loud music coming from the e-Bistrot (lovely place by the way) or the bells ringing from the church in the ex Salesiani complex.
What I cannot accept is the overwhelming smell, the overwhelming scent, the overwhelming aroma of the freshly grilled burger patties that comes straight from MensSana‘s griglia in my room. I know that when it invades it says “I come in peace” but peace is not the word that describes the primitive behavioral patterns that are aroused and do not belong to the “normal” spectrum of human behavior.

As they say “You can take the person out of the Stone Age, not the Stone Age out of the person.”

*Sad fact: I haven’t tried their burgers yet. 😦


In other news, after many many months I had the chance to listen to some live music* in 19.86 bar along with the rest of the volunteers. Οf course I have met them all (Györgyi, Laura, Mathilde and Gonzalo) and everyday there is something new to discover and get to know them better and better. Thank you guys!
But these 2 hours of live music were like a healing process involving listening to music, singing along to music, moving to the beat of the music, playing an instrument (the chair) and almost meditating.

Today is also the day that the 6th volunteer arrives, Andrea from Spain, and the “faction” will be completed.

*FunFact: In Greece, music of all types is prohibited throughout the whole day in all restaurants, bar, coffee shops that are open to the public. This decision has not been formally justified, but can be interpreted in two ways, which have to do with customer behavior (yes, it’s customer’s fault again). The music, and especially if it is at a high volume, can entice attendees to dance and come closer, not observing the prescribed protection measures and safety distances or high volume music can push people to speak louder so that they can be heard by their interlocutors, causing more droplets to be released from the mouth, which is dangerous for the transmission of the virus.

That’s all for now!
See you next time!
A dopo allora!



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