Ciao! Τι κάνετε και πώς είστε; (How are you doing and how are you? :P)

I am Kyriakos and I am the new Greek volunteer in SE.M.I. through ESC. I am arriving in Faenza on Saturday but my volunteering started a month ago with the ever-helpful internet and the ever-evolving technologies.

My arrival in Faenza could be considered prophetic. Back in 2017 while I was
studying in Siena and a few days before my departure to Greece I received
a present. A book called “Maioliche Faentine dall’ Arcaico al Rinascimento”.

Isn’t it a remarkable coincidence?
Don’t mind me…


What am I doing on SE.M.I. so far?

Not being able to attend the in-person activities, I am assisting in the communication sector. You have probably seen and have already read a blog or a post on Instagram and Facebook made by me without knowing it, from my home in Greece for SE.M.I. in Italy. I am helping with publishing and promoting other actions, events, Erasmus+ and ESC programmes, training courses, interchange and exchange programmes.

The “11 European Youth Goals” images have been posted throughout May.

I am also working on my personal project, mostly researching on Faentine ceramics, majolica sanctuaries and chapels (tempietti and eremi) and majolica plates (piatti istoriati).

To date, it has been a unique experience. Working remotely is something very new to me and I trully recognize the flexibility of the case. You can organise the time and tasks according to your personal wishes and needs. If you better perform the tasks in the evening, you can stay until the late evening and wake up whenever you want. Otherwise, if you are more productive in the morning, you can start your work day earlier. In addition, working from home does not necessarily mean directly “home”. Your workplace practically may be anywhere you want- coffee shop, your favorite park or somewhere in the beach on the seaside. It is just up to you to find the most suitable place.
The bad thing, though, is that I am a social and out-going person and sometimes the feeling of loneliness might appear. Our communication with social networks is very active but it does not compensate the real connection. However, I am aware of the situation and SE.M.I. has been supportive all the way.

I have also had the opportunity to meet the rest of the volunteers and get to know them and my anticipation of meeting them in person has “reached the ceiling” as we say in Greece for something that has reached the maximum level. There’s something really powerful about groups and shared experiences and I wanna be a part of it.

Until then me and
some of my plant friends
(that will extremely miss me)
salute you!

While you are reading
these last words,
I am probably preparing
my baggage to Italy!

See you soon!


Un pensiero su “UN PRIMO SALUTO


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