Greek Culture or Culture Greek?

I have travelled a lot in my life, so I have experienced lot ot diffrent cultures, espcially in Europe. I am not patriotist but I have realized how much I love my culture for so many reasons that I would like to share with you.

First of all, we all know how how to eat (and nobody can deny this), we have amazing traditionla foods. Some of my favourite dishes (sountzoukakia,mousakas,spetsofai). Every family when she eats she has in a table propably a traditional dish which is accompanied most of times with greek salad (tomato,feta,cucumber,olive oils, some oil and oregano). Even when we go out we can find variety of dishes in an reasonable prices and for me the best is the taverns instead of fency restaurants. And of course, one of the best plates thet we ever could have in greece is Souvlaki.

Secondly, we know how to have fun -and no we are not lazy-. Yes we like to sleep a lot (Especially young people who study) or we like sitting in a cafateria enjoying our coffeee more than 5 hours. Personally my favourite coffee is Freddo Espresso. But we are not lazi it is just we know how to have fun and how to enjou the nights. As students usually we were out all the night in rakadika as we called them. In Crete, the most famos drink is raki, so you go you are sitting in the tables with music you drink raki or ouzo with meze – some traditional dishes- until the morning. So of course after this you want to sleep.

Finally, I would like to talk about the varieties that we have in the islands. All the tourists know only Santorini and Mikonos and of course it is beautiful places, but so industrial that you can’t discover their unique natural beautiness that they have. Fortunaltey, I realize early that I like this type of life, to be in nature, having free camping. In the morning I wake up my tent is 10 meters from the sea and I am going direct to the sea, then usually we are having coffee and breakfast with my friends and in the night ofcourse we go out or we stay in the beach enjoying the sunrise. My favourite island doing this is Ikaria and not only because it is a unique place that combines the wild beauty with the beautiful beaches and the old traditional cafeteries, but also because of the panigiria. Panigiria it is like traditional parties that happening almost every day. You go there you eat you drink and when the families leave arround 12 the realy party starts until the next morning.

As a conclusion I think we know how we deserve to spend our days with so much good food,coffee and all the types of islands we have. In Greece for me it is the meaning of life.


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