Short- Esc Opportunity at Estonia



Duration: 2 months from 2nd May – 1st July 2021

Place: Paikuse, Pärnu county

Profile of the volunteer:  “We are looking for a volunteer who has the desire to work with children and young people, who has ideas and motivation to share one’s interests, culture and knowledge.”

Main activities: We expect that volunteer will enrich youth center open area activities with her/his competences, skills and interests. Like carrying out open workshops in the youth center – cooking, handicraft and recycling workshops or something according to the volunteer´s skills, experience, interests. Activities that expand the image of the world for the youth. Also design new activities and opportunities in the youth center, develop the environment for the open youth work, support youth initiative projects and help to carry them out.

What we do: The aim of PaNoKe is to contribute to the development of young people to become independent and entrepreneurial. Ensure a safe environment for young people to prevent and slow down the development of young people’s antisocial or socially unhealthy attitudes. To be an example to a young person through various activities.



The accommodation costs are covered. The volunteer will live in an apartment inside the PaNoKe Youth Center equipped with all the necessary utilities for comfortable living. The bathroom is shared with the youth center.


Each month volunteer’s receive a total of 270€ pocket and food money.


The transportation from home country to Estonia and back will be covered according to the distance calculator of Erasmus+ program:


The volunteer will have Cigna Health insurance.

Deadline: 22 of March

Apply now here:

Un pensiero su “Short- Esc Opportunity at Estonia

  1. Fatima ha detto:

    Salve. Mi chiamo Fatima. Ho 17 anni. Il 22 maggio compie 18 anni. Amo i bambini. Sono un insegnante di scuola elementare. Amo il mio paese e la mia cultura. Mi piace molto imparare nuove persone e diverse. Mi piace aiutare le persone e parlare del Kazakistan. Sono di nazionalità dunganka, quindi ti dirò della mia nazionalità.

    "Mi piace"


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