Dreams: Food for souls

This is a quote of a book that I read resently and I think it is really represents me as a person that always like to put new targets and to plan as I can my further future. So this is something, all of us can achieve if we keep dreaming.

As now we are in red zone -let’s make clear I am virgin in this zone (do not misundersand it ), my work and personal scedule had to changed. Before become red I used to have some activities that fullfillying me. For example, I was going once per week at ”la bottega”, in this place work people with disabilities and the sosial educators collaborate with them in order to be able to be part of the society and get their autonomy and independance. Also, sometimes I used to go to a house that they have for the children and the guys were cooking for me and the social educator in order to understand how it will be when they have to live by themselves.

In addition to, on Mondays and Thursdays I used to go to a real school ”learning italian”. Well, not learnig exactly as our teacher speaks only italian and she cant undestand anything of English. At least she is super cool and funny. Other activity is the reflection days with our amazing mentor, that every time something new topic coming on the table. Today for example, we were talking about literature -that’s how the title- and what things we can to improve recycling. Finally, me and my roomate Gyorgy (or georgia, or Tzortzina), we had time to go at Castel Raniero and meet the little babies that we will start work with them, after red zone. The pedagogists gave us a small tour. It was amazing, on the nature with animals almost free and the babies were feeding them. So cant wait to visit them again.

Finally, if I want to involve myself personally I coud find additional activities, so I started some workshops about ethical dilemmas that prisoners have, taken place by social workers. Also, I started italian lessons with a greek teacher as i told you, I cant understand that much for the school.


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