Peace of cake

Ciao a tutti! / Sziasztok!

No it’s not a typo I just like puns. Yes, THIS much.

my mantra

But I guess it is more like a play of words. I enjoy finding connections, a links between different things such as colours, shapes, materials and so on. I also use this in my daily life making things a bit more special by putting into that extra effort as well as feeling clever when people recognise it. This time is about combining the two phrases “piece of cake” and “peace of mind” as we had a few birthdays to celebrate and some spring reflections.

Starting with the latter (not in order of importance), I want to share some snippets of the life in Faenza I captured during the last couple of weeks. As the weather got better, our town woke up from hibernation and the streets filled up with life. There is always something about feeling spring in the air, giving a sense of energy but also calmness. For me it brought a newly recognised motivation too mixed with positive thoughts about new beginnings. A new beginning like this one, spending my ESC year in Italy leaving behind everything and just turn my life upside-down. What a great decision it was! Although, there are low points because of the lack of opportunities due to the pandemic or always being with the same people for example but there are so many things to balance it out – Mathilde also shared some tricks to help survive living together.

library courtyard
home idyll
first day of spring
ideal morning in the park

The part when I actually talk about cakes is here (yayy). Yesterday we celebrated our beloved mentor, Ina’s birthday with a super chocolatey cake – as sweet as her (hey I’m just trying to score some points here) – served by some pink plastic spoons to feel young again (or just because we didn’t prepare properly, you’ll never know). Also, our senior volunteer, Laura just turned 26 2 and we couldn’t be more happy for her to live such a long life – to read a more refined insult please proceed to Javier’s blog. We managed to enjoy the celebration in a restaurant on the last day of yellow zone eating amazing pasta.
However, not as amazing as our cannelloni turned out on our recent pasta making workshop with chef Angelo. Of course we made most of the things from scratch as usual: rolled out the dough, cut it into rectangles, boiled it for 5 mins (some for 3 mins which gave a headache to Laura who was in charge), put the filling in and rolled it up then finally baked it together with some béchamel and ragù on top.To illustrate I put together a gallery below for you. Buon appetito! – oh my bad you can’t taste it. What a pity!

work hard play hard

I hope you enjoyed this little update, I go back to our dark orange zone now.

Ci vediamo dopo,

Györgyi – l’ungherese


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