When life brings you something ”good”

A life sometimes can be really genius and sometimes not. My story of my life….starts like that:

Our mentor had the amazing idea during to our reflcetion we could visit Brisigella. A small but promising village. Only 10 minutes far away from Faenza, as my first time there I was super excited. I am a person that can appreciate and enjoy easily a coffee and a good breakfast at the sun in a new city. So that’s I did. We went all together for breakfast to a small kinda vintage cafeteria (in Crete, we have those bars generally for old people and we called them ”καφενεία”). I had a cappucino and my favourite pistachio croissant.

Finishing our breakfast, we had a little tour and exploring in the small streets. The vilagge was so grafical and cute, I really could enjoy the nature and the only sound you could hear was the birds. After that, we had a little hiking on the top of the mountain, so you could see this breathtaking view. From one side there was the sun that it could make you blind and from the other side you could see the snow. So we spent there some minutes for photos that you could think we are back at our school when we had those crinze group photos all together as a memory. Anyway, in addition to while we were coming back, we found a place with foul of snow, so we did not waste our time either we lose the opportunity and we started to create a snowman. Well, at least ”wanna be”.

Someone could say: How amazing is this experience and what a good trip. But no as they say ”karma is the beach”, so while we had this hiking, after when we were waiting the train, I realised that I had lost my hat. And it was my favourite hat, due to the facct was a gift from my aunt from N.Y.. The sadest part was that I knew the place that I lost it but it was too late…So if found it found I wish him to ”enjoy”….

So, to conclude lets make a funeral for my hat to keep it in peace..!


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