2021-2022 Volunteering opportunities Vilnius and Trakai, Lithuania

SALTES” is a nongovernmental
organization founded by ex-EVS volunteers with a goal to strengthen and
promote non-formal education and volunteering at national and international
level. SALTES also seeks to provide young people (including those with fewer
opportunities) an opportunity for self and professional development through
active involvement in non-formal based activities.

So here are some different projects from the same organization that you can participate:

The aim of the projects:

We see the value in this project, because both hosting organizations and
volunteers will have the possibility to enhance their skills in an informal way,
gain new skills, learn to collaborate better, to be more tolerant, to be responsible
citizens, share experiences and enhance intercultural competencies.

A. Volunteering position 1:

Dates: 2021 03 01 – 2122 03 01

SOS Children’s Village supports disadvantaged families at risk of
separation. SOS Children’s Village hopes to help families to learn look after themselves so
that they can live independently in the long-term.

B. Volunteering Position 2:

Dates: 2021 03 15 – 2022 03 15

Democratic School is an alternative private school for children aged 5-15.
The aim of the school is to create an environment which addresses the social,
emotional, intellectual, physical, and creative needs of children.

C. Volunteering positions: 2
Dates: 2021 04 01 – 2022 04 01

Antakalnis Open
Youth Center
is an institution for young people (14 – 29 years
old) to be, to create, to find themselves, to try new things. Our main aim is to
create a safe place and conditions for youth to realize their ideas, understand
others and themselves, to express their creativity.

D. Volunteering positions: 1
Dates: 2021 03 15 – 2022 03 15

Vilnius Open School
Vilnius Waldorf Open School is a community-based, non-profit educational
institution working according to one of the concepts of non-traditional education

  • Waldorf – approved by the Ministry of Education.

Volunteer will be accommodated in a rented apartment together with other
volunteers, each volunteer will have a separated room. Volunteer will be
provided with monthly allowance (food and pocket money), monthly public
transport ticket.


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