What hapens in Ferrara stays in Ferrara…

And like that the journey have started. As we are hungry for travels and experiences and because of Covid-19 we could not travel, immidiately when me and the rest of volunteers knew about yellow zone, we prepared our trip. First of all, as still we could not go out of Emily- Romagna we were thinking what was the better solution.

First of all, we came up with going at Rimini, a nice city near to Faneza with sea, which this was the important thing to choose this city. Altough we found a really cheap hotel with great breakfast, we decided, because we can not enjoy the beach, it is not the most proper destination. So with the help of our mentor we decided to go at Ferrara.

The first thing I do before to organise a trip, is of course to search photos about this place on the Internet. It was clear that this city is amazing choice for a day-trip. It is almost 2 hours far away and the ticket costs 8 euro. So I had seen pictures on the Internet, but when we arrived at the center I was speechlees. I am not sure if I can desribe how amazingly beautiful is this city. First of all, when you arrive at the center, you pass front of a magnificent huge castle with a river (even a little bit green and kinda dirty), still is dazzling. After some minutes there, we continue to walk at the center, was old but so beautiful and grafical. There are,also, little cute streets. Of course we had a break for a really good breakfast and cheap. I had a coffee and a baguette, so what is more amazing than that to start your day?

After we walked a lot and we saw also some churches (actually the other volunteers, as it is not my hobby), we had a reservation in a restaurant. I had a typical dish like pasta with butter and one beer. After that, we decided to finish our tour with an aperitivo. Everything was so crowded though, so I sut in the first place was available. Surprisingly this place, as they told us is the oldest winery bar in Europe. So of course we tried more than one wine, just to be sure if they are telling us the truth or not.

Finally, I was really grateful that we had the opportunity to explore a city so magical and crowded. So I cant wait to travel more and to live more adventurous, as I like. Until the next time…..or the next travel….


Un pensiero su “What hapens in Ferrara stays in Ferrara…

  1. fravikings ha detto:

    E’ stata l’ultima città che ho visitato pre-chiusura e devo dire che l’ho trovata veramente veramente bella! Ho visitato poi anche Comacchio, molto suggestiva 🙂

    "Mi piace"


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