The ultimate experience starts….

As you already know most of you, being a volunteer means travels, experiences, nature, coffee! Of course we were not able to have them because of Covid-19, so we were trying to find an alternative ways to spend a great time here. But life sometimes has surprises. So the biggst surprise was when we read the news about we are again at yellow zone.

Me and the rest of volunteers were extremely happy and we could not wait to taste again a good breakfast with a good coffee (a habit that personally I love). In addition to, we started immidiately to plan our trips, and finally some of them out of Emily Romanga, which I like but enough is enough as people say.

Since this weekend we are allowed to move just out of Faenza, we checked all the places in the area, so we could chose the most beautiful place, in order to vist it. Our conclusion was that Ferrara a place almost 2 hours from Faenza seems beautiful and we would like to explore it a lot. As I say, sometimes it is better to vist places that as you tourist you would not had the opportunity to do it (because propably either you would not know those places, either you would not have enough money and time).

As being hungry for experiences and super motivated from now on, we started also planning the trip in Venezzia. We found some things that we all aggree to do, like to visit museams, to be arround in the center and explore the little cute streets. Moreover, we desire to go in the islands Burano and Murano with water buses and of course we can not miss to taste how a ride with gondola looks like.

To sum up, you can not control always your life and you have to expect some bad situations, but in the end the sun will come up again 🙂

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